Media-driven election faux-scandals

Let’s compare how the media have treated comparable issues between the Conservatives and the opposition parties during the election so far:

1) Coalition

The media allow Jack Layton and Gilles Duceppe to call Stephen Harper a liar in regards to the 2004 agreement signed but look the other way when proof that Layton’s and Duceppe’s stories have both changed since then (see here)

2) Shelly Glover

Conservative MP Shelly Glover makes an innocent “passed her expiry date” comment about Lib MP Anita Neville who then runs whining to media about “ageism” and along with CARP’s Susan Eng both obediently jump on Glover. (see here)

Now compare that reaction to the silence on the Green’s Elizabeth May’s comment about not be allowed into the debate due to “the old boys’ club” (see here)

3) Conservative campaign worker

Sebastien Togneri who is under an RCMP investigation for asking FOI requests to be “un-released” was outed by the media for putting up signs for Ryan Hastman in Edmonton. (see here)

Meanwhile Michael Ignatieff has a criminally charged MP running for re-election and the media doesn’t whisper a word. (see here)

There you have 3 direct contrasts on how the Ottawa Press Gallery handles and even pushes anti-Conservative issues and the hands-off method used for the opposition parties.


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  1. @aka_pooch Says:

    Terry Maleski has a vendetta against PM Harper.

    • BC Blue Says:

      And, he’s a guy who should hate the Liberals for what they did to him after Peppergate but instead left out the part of the story about how Chretien had him reassigned.

  2. Paul Says:

    Par for the course. Has a lot to do with why more people get their news from the internet.

  3. john Says:

    You should really follow the media people on the tours for some real examples of bias. It’s quite unbelievable really.

  4. Martin Says:

    Milewski has moved beyond bias to outright falsehoods. Yesterday on P&P he suggested the 2004 video supported the idea that PMSH favoured a coalition (no show of it). Then he claimed Tom Flanagan wrote that this was the case.
    E. Solomon was able to ask Flanagan directly, and he denied the story. All this in a few seconds.

  5. Fay Says:

    Milewski railling night after night about those terrible conservative. I guess the opposition pure as the driven snow.

  6. Jen Says:

    Canada for canada do not have a national media-the liberals and coalition do.
    The day we have a ‘real’ national media is the day the liberals would end. The explosive news of the LPOC corruption for decades which rarely HIT the news these days would also come to light. How many canadians who depended on the news for information but were left in the dark and manipulated by the msm, react to being treated this way.

    The PM and conservatives have no media yet he is generating votes; I guess the people see through the media to know what the media is doing.

    PM and Flaherty brought out a BUDGET which in it contains items for the NDP but, instead of voting for the Budget, the NDP went against only to hear Layton preaching now for the very same items (more or less).
    Did the coalition of medias remind Layton that he voted against the budget so why the complaints ? NO.
    The same goes for Ignatieff.

  7. bettie Says:

    Who are you referring to as being criminally charged? Is that Pablo Rodriguez? Has he been criminally charged? I’ve been wondering about this.

  8. E mac Says:

    Patiently awaiting SUN TV and hopefully the individuals who will be the mainstays of that program will be everything we visualize. We need a balance of news which we are not receiving now and have not for a long time.
    It is little wonder all the MSMs are scared (not allowed to say it) but are beginning to cringe as the day draws nearer.
    We all know who they are and it will be an absolute delight to shoot back for a change.
    Counting down the days – 21, 20, 19……

  9. Pat Says:

    Count the days until Sun TV News comes on line!!! Which makes me wonder what kind of roadblocks to mass access will be imposed. HD only? Obscure channel that you have to apply to get? Can’t come on line until the end of April…scheduling you know?

  10. Martin Says:

    Tonight Milewski insulted PMSH 3 times in a short clip about an event in Brampton (CBC P&P). More in tone than misinformation, but he did mention yet another mini scandal concerning a Conservative volunteer in Montreal.
    I can’t even find reference to what he was talking about, cannot bring it up on todays P&P clips. Business as usual with him.

    • Jen Says:

      The PM never had a media from the day he took office-the media is committed to one and only corrupt party in canadian history, the liberals. And any other parties that committs to the liberals like the bloc and ndp are in the media’s best interest.
      A separatist, and socialist feasting themselves in/with the most corrupt party is a scheme they have planned for themselves only. And why not, if the liberals are getting all the attention why not the separatist briber Duceppe and layton use the media for themselves as well.

  11. Fay Says:

    The wasted by CBC on compass votes would have paid for jets for the military. The CBC have free reign to wast hundreds of thousands of dollars.

  12. Dave B. Says:

    Called Bell today. Was informed that Sun TV News will be available within their “News” theme package. If you already subscribe, it will be included come April 18th. This is assuming she knew what she was talking about. When I first inquired, she had no idea what I was talking about. She put me on hold for a few minutes and then came back to tell me the good news.

  13. Cal Says:

    I have told Telus if SunMedia is not available on April 18 I will cancel my account. If we all would do this can you imagine the loss all these companies would take. This would get their attention.

  14. Thucydides Says:

    Today I heard Mr Ignatieffs radio ad against the CF-35 and corporate tax cuts. I had to stop and shake my head after listening, because he was speaking against a fighter program brought into place by Mr Chreitien in 1997, and supported by Mr Martin, Mr Dion and himself until now. His party also voted in favour of the corporate tax cuts in 2007.

    He is also now against a coalition which he signed in support of, even though the contract with the NDP and Bloc won’t expire until June of this year.

    Mr Ignatieff is running against his own party! If he does not want to defend the record of the Liberal Party, why is he running for the Liberals? This must be very confusing for voters.

  15. Sean M Says:

    I have been risking raising my blood pressure by following the narratives of the media with regard to how the media brand the candidates in this election… These observations are from CTV and CBC… mainly Melewski, Fife, and Lisa LaPhlegm… PM Harper has been labeled as follows- “angry”, “like a Pitbull on a cat”, “with a coalition monkey on his back”, “staging scenes with families”, “a Liar”, “recycling ideas”, “having ethics trouble”, “furious about answering questions”, and today Fife put this little conjured up gem out there, stating- “the Conservative campaign has something wrong with it, I’m not sure what it is, but I get the sense something is wrong”. WTF? Contrast the media spin on PM Harper with the spin from the media on American Igg, whom the media have labeled as follows- “comfortable”, “refreshed”, “good to go”, “upbeat”, on track”, very confident”, so highly educated”, “on his game’, “and the crowds are responding”… quite a nauseating contrast, and we’re only in the first week! I will continue to keep track of the clear media bias and post the results. I only expect it to get worse, more demonizing of the PM, and more sugar coated bulls##t about Grandpa Iggster.

    • Jen Says:

      The media would sooner embrace CADHAFFI than their own PM who, and Flaherty, fought for our canada country during the recession.

      Have you ever heard the media speak ill of CADHAFFI calling him names like their beloved Ignatieff calls the PM.
      It is remarkable how quick the media is to condemm the canadian PM for no reason at all but refrain an iota of derogatory comment to a vile man like Cadhaffi.

  16. Fred from BC Says:

    Thucydides Says:

    Today I heard Mr Ignatieffs radio ad against the CF-35 and corporate tax cuts. I had to stop and shake my head after listening, because he was speaking against a fighter program brought into place by Mr Chreitien in 1997, and supported by Mr Martin, Mr Dion and himself until now. His party also voted in favour of the corporate tax cuts in 2007.

    Don’t forget the prisons…the Liberals voted with the government to end the ‘two for one’ deal prisoners used to get for time served awaiting trial, which will of course necessitate more prison space.

    (there’s also the fact that many of these facilities are in various states of disrepair, that they are no longer seismically safe and were never energy-efficient to begin with…)

  17. Global issue apology to Con MP Glover over “expiry date” comment « BC Blue: One BC Conservative's view on it all… Says:

    […] We all remember the “passed her expiry date” quote and manufactured outrage where Glover was accused of ageism. Anyone who read the story knew Glover’s comment was about Neville’s performance and had nothing to do with age but that didn’t stop the media from attacking her falsely as I posted at the time here. […]

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