Video proof that CBC’s VoteCompass is rigged


I brought this up yesterday (see here) when I watched a daytime CBC host (I didn’t catch his name but the reporter giving the demo was Taylor) say at the end of the segment that another reporter had told him that by clicking “don’t know” on all the questions, the VoteCompass results showed you to be Liberal.

Apparently it wasn’t by clicking “don’t know” but “neither agree or disagree” where you get this result as the video above shows.

Now, will the CBC pull this flawed and proven biased survey from its website?


33 Responses to “Video proof that CBC’s VoteCompass is rigged”

  1. Jen Says:

    CBC’s VoteCompass is rigged
    GEE, no kidding, no wonder Kady and gang and non entities who call themselves reporters work at the rigged CBC. They rigged everything.

    • Tara Says:

      What you don’t seem to understand is that the Liberal party is the “centre” party…. it’s not left and it’s not right! It is “centre” and it is intended to be centred. Logic must be applied here… If you don’t have an opinion on any of the issues why wouldn’t you choose the centre? It is the balanced position. All the questions encompass right, left and centre — meaning if you answer all the questions with you answer — strongly agree or strongly disagree, then one would logically come to a centred position. The Liberal party is not left and it is not right — it rests in the Centre of both extremes.

  2. Craig Smith Says:

    It is like a massive $1 billion “in and out” scheme. Only instead of shifting campaign money from the party to the ridings, it is Liberal governments funding the CBC in exchange for crap like this.

  3. robins111 Says:

    Well look at it from the bright side, Its video proof that Liberals are ignorant know-nothings..

    • Tara Says:

      would you like to reconsider your answer based on my above comment about the Liberal party being the “centre”?

  4. Michael Harkov Says:

    Actually, I believe that this Votecompass thing is completely bang on. What defines “Liberal” more than never being able to stand on any solid principle by this proverbial answering with unswervering “I don’t know”? 😀

  5. Mary Hines Says:

    A reporter asked Iggy at his question time today – there were reports that this was rigged…and he said his brother took the test and liked the results he got…. They asked him if it was rigged, would he want to have association with it… he said he knew nothing – except he liked the results…Typical liberal….I think Peter must of set it up….or Millesky….

  6. Rose Says:

    Pull their biased survey from their site, oh my gawd I stand a better chance of spotting Bin Laden then CBC removing any trace of their Liberal biasness.

  7. hollinm Says:

    Listened to Lowell Green in Ottawa this morning on CFRA. Many people are complaining about the CBC poll. In fact Royale Gallipeau wrote in to say he voted as he does in the House and it came back he is a Liberal. Right.

  8. Jason Morris Says:

    “Not necessarily conscription but conscription if necessary”-Liberal Prime Minister William Lyon Mackenzie King. The survey makes complete sense!

    • Abe Says:

      You’re obviously a Liberal! Anybody with any common sense can see this was rigged. But what else can you expect from the Communist Broadcasting Company!

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  10. Krystina Says:

    I am not terribly surprised at this, although when I took it today (just for the lark, it was not as if I needed to know where I stand and for which party I’d vote) it placed me quite happily on the conservative side of things, and majorly so at that. Still, I would think that while this idea of a “vote compass” may be helpful, it would be better if it was done by an independent source, or at least one that did not have such an obvious bias one way or the other.

  11. Blame Crash Says:

    Why is the CBC doing this?

    Could this be a way of collecting information on people that is then handed over to the Liberal Party?

  12. Blame Crash Says:

    The advertisements for this “compass” seem to follow me wherever I go online.
    Why are they trying so hard to get people to take this survey?
    Something ain’t right about this. Thes Toronto media dirt bags are involved in this nefarious scheme for the benefit of “their” political party.

  13. Bruce from Cambridge Says:

    The CBC is a joke and public broadcasting should be abolished, but I dont think we Conservatives would be able to pull it off unless we made it an election issue and part of our platform and I see no sign of that happening. We could do it without any mandate but we would pay a big price politically, especially in large urban areas where we need to build our support base.

  14. B from Calgary Says:

    thank god its rigged!! maybe it will help the morons who blindly vote conservative from continuing to destroy our countries future. they more persuasion on liberal votes will only help our nation in the long run….Harper is the only joke i see on tv along with all his redneck, hillbilly supporters…WHOOOOHOOOO gunlaws and prisons and fighter jets….go conservative….u bunch of dummies!!

  15. SezMe Says:

    Countries? We have more than one? That’s good to know. Why don’t you go live in one that’s full of Liberal idiots like you?

    Lord save us from borderline illiterate Liberal trolls. Here’s an idea: refrain from calling people dummies until your spelling, punctuation and grammar are at least at a Grade 1 level.

    • BC Blue Says:

      It’s easy to tell when a Liberal or nutbar Lefty blogger links my blog. These “intelligent” commenters start popping up.

      • SezMe Says:

        I guess being the only Liberal in Calgary caused the poor soul to become a little loopy. Imagine trying to tell the hillbillies out there that prisons aren’t necessary because rapists and murderers are the innocent victims of a heartless, uncaring society and just need hugs and understanding before they move into your grandmother’s basement…

    • Abe Says:

      Right on!!!! I agree wholeheartedly.

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  17. TS2 Says:

    “thank god its rigged!! maybe it will help the morons who blindly vote conservative from continuing to destroy our countries future.”

    So it’s okay to blatantly cheat and commit election fraud as long as it’s liberals doing it, but if conservatives even make an honest mistake they are “destroying democracy” I can’t believe the arrogance and corruption of these traitors.

  18. Mark Crowley Says:

    I don’t see what the problem is, neutral means centre, it isn’t surprising that a middle of the road response would give you a liberal result, that’s essentially the Liberal platform. Conservatives and NDP voters have very strong opinions in different directions. Liberals try to find the middle way that doesn’t commit too much or offend too much. That’s why they often upset people on both sides but its also why they have been more successful than any other party over the years of getting the middle group of voters who don’t have extreme opinions on anything. The old conservative party, the PCs, were much closer to this too. You can argue that the poll is a bit biased but to say that the middle of the road should be somewhere between the Liberal party and the Conservative Party is to ignore the reality of our country and the majority of voters who vote for parties with centre-left policies.

    Isn’t that reasonable?

  19. Tired Of The CBC Says:

    I took it the other day, voted honestly and when I inputted my vote for leader characteristic which is high marks for Harper and zeroes of the rest I came up….yup…you guessed it
    no not rigged at all
    will the main stream media pick up on this and let people know about this or will it be buried along with everything else left.

  20. Social Justice Says:

    This VoterCompaass is a scam. If CBC as a media try to misled Canadian using this cheap tricks, we should file a complaint to CRTC. I agree with the previous writer that CBC shouldn’t use the tax dollars to fund this Corrupt Bias Corporation.

  21. Griffin Says:

    I tried the VoteCompass tool giving my honest anwers, although I had to answer neither agree nor dissagree to the several highly skewed questions, and it accurately said I was Conservative.

    Then I tried the side panel “Additional Issues” which asked which issues were most important to me. If I clicked “Taxes”… the VoteCompass made me a Liberal! If I clicked “Moral Issues” …again it made me a Liberal, and when I clicked Defence”…voila…Liberal! It seems whatever issue is important to you, not specifying what you think is important about it, the tool makes you a Liberal.

    I expected the tool to be biased, but it was so obviously biased, I suspected fraud. Now we know, it’s an Iggy campaign ploy.

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  23. Tod Says:

    This simply isn’t true.

    Try it yourself. Click “Don’t Know” on everything, and it’ll report “None” as its recommendations.

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