CBC’s VoteCompass creator was on Iggy’s leadership team

Oh oh…now how will the CBC defend their Liberal-skewed (see here) voter preference “survey tool” now?

Update: Here’s the name of the guy and NP story link to his Iggy leadership involvement.


28 Responses to “CBC’s VoteCompass creator was on Iggy’s leadership team”

  1. Rose Says:

    LOL I’m shocked I tell you shocked, not atall I’d expect nothing less from the Liberal Infested CBC, and now CTV has the same infection.

  2. Fay Says:

    Not surprised. Thankyou David Akin for us showing that the CBC does have a hidden agenda.
    What really bothers me is CBC budget. They can choose to spend millions of dollars on this compass vote system with out any checks and balance. This amount of money could have bought new jets for the military or been used to feed the homeless. What a waste of money and we have no way to hold them to account.

  3. Todd Golden Says:

    nobody does skanky lying cheating like a Liberal.

  4. Bec Says:

    Contempt of Broadcasting!
    Contempt of Tax Payers!

    CBC has ZERO morals, ZERO!

    • Jen Says:

      I wonder if EVANS, KADY, BARTON MANSBRIDGE etc would say anything about this……..? Not a chance.

      Bec, Contempt? is one word of manys I have for them.
      Any reporter that says he is reporting for the CBC is not to say anything to him- not on subjects and issues which should have asked the liberals years ago . In fact, I don’t think that they have a clue on life itself.

    • Jen Says:

      Forgot to mention, email this to David R., Charles Adler, and other talk show hosts who care deeply for this country and not for the three clowns and their useless media.

  5. More on the joint CBC-Liberal campaign known as “Vote Compass” — mooseandsquirrel.ca Says:

    […] who created it: CBC’s VoteCompass creator was on Iggy’s leadership team (h/t: […]

  6. Paul MacPhail Says:

    “VoteCompass creator was on Iggy’s leadership team”

    Still is by the looks of it. Now do the Liberals have to claim this as election advertising?

  7. Robert Says:

    Well, well, well, I wonder if this bit of news will be on the CBC “Realty Check”?

  8. Agent Smith Says:

    Tell me ain’t so! Good for Akin

  9. Craig Smith Says:

    Until April 18th this will get ZERO MSM attention and our democracy will continue to suffer because a state broadcaster has an unaccountable political agenda.

  10. Rose Says:

    If our country had real broadcasting standards there would be a system in place to prevent the kind of media biasness we’re seeing at CTV and CBC, as it is now they are working 24/7 to get Iffy elected into office. That’s just wrong, the media should always be reporting the news not fabricating it or slanting said news for political gain.

  11. Prairiekid Says:

    Here’s what Peter Loewen posted in 2006 on the Farnwide blog.

    Peter Loewen said…
    Poll people on gas taxes and their support halves. Unfortunately, the public doesn’t know what a carbon tax is, and most are happy to assume it is a tax on someone else.

    But the theoretical merits are awesome, I agree. It will just take some real political leadership to implement it. I think Ignatieff is up to the task.
    11:23 PM, November 07, 2006

  12. Congenital Tory Says:

    Just because the guy was (or perhaps still is) on Iggy’s staff does not mean he is not “impartial”. After all Graves from Ekos gives donations to the Liberals and the CBC still claim he is an “impartial” pollster.

    • Platty Says:

      And besides, the CBC did an internal review and revealed that they are impartial, fair, and completely non partisan, much to the relief of all Canadian taxpayers.

  13. gimbol Says:

    I believe that EC should be charging CBC for not registering as a thrid party advertiser.

    • Jen Says:

      I agree, because CBC is running ADS for the liberals for ‘free’ however paid for by all us. that the EC should take into account but, it will not happen since EC has yet to get back the loans from the liberals so.
      Mind you EC will come after you and the conservatives for paying for your own ads than after the liberals whose ads are paid for by the taxpayers.

  14. Robert Martin Says:

    4:27 PM ET
    “Help. Someone in charge please find a way to stop other than CBC reporters from postng tweets before we see a mess.”

  15. Levant savages CBC for it’s VoteCompass’ “3rd party election advertising” « BC Blue: One BC Conservative's view on it all… Says:

    […] For more on VoteCompass and it’s Liberal skewed bias see earlier posts here, here and here […]

  16. Amateur Hour Says:

    Peter Loewen did not design Vote Compass for the CBC. He was not on the development team. He has not been paid by the CBC. His involvement with Vote Compass will have to do with how the data is analyzed and published — because he’s a data specialist.

    Peter Loewen was not a member of Ignatieff’s 2006 leadership team, he did research on direct mail and voter intention. He did the same type of research for Stephen Harper in 2004. Peter Loewen’s only paid political job was for the Nova Scotia Progressive Conservatives. His only political donation: to a Conservative MP who is his friend.

    Loewen, the CBC and Conservative Tom Flanagan ALL made these facts clear to Brian Lilley of the SUN — and still Lilley published falsehoods. Mr. Akin’s tweets don’t change the fact that SUN Media ignored evidence and made false accusations.
    Neither Lilley nor SUN media have any credibility on this matter.

    Any journalist (or publication) willing to publish falsehoods to support a theory of media bias is engaging in the very distortions they accuse others of perpetrating.

    • BC Blue Says:

      Ya ya… just finished reading Potter’s piece huh?

      • Amateur Hour Says:

        Scintillating retort.

        Whatever legitimate critique could be made of Vote Compass’ methodology has been completely overtaken by two journalists who chose to withhold facts and make up others about an individual in order to promote their pet theory. How does this sit with you?

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