CP’s Ditchburn plays hurt-bunny when tables are turned

Jennifer Ditchburn from the Canadian Press unbelievably used her grandfather’s participation in WWII as part of her lame response to Conservative Senator Jake MacDonald’s Tweet criticising her and the CBC’s Terry Milewski.

Bear in mind that this is the same reporter who dug up an ex-boyfriend of Helena Guergis as a news article (see here) so she should spare us the faux-outrage because when we have media such as David Olive of the Toronto Star calling PM Stephen Harper “cowardly and a liar” (see here) she, as part of the Canadian journalist profession, is in no position to pull rank on anyone.


Racist comment about Cree from Bloc MP

Shades of Jacques Parizeau’s infamous “money and the ethnic vote” surfaced with Bloc Quebecois MP Yvon Levesque saying that the NDP can’t win with a native campaigning for them:

“Certain voters will not choose the New Democratic Party now that they’re running an aboriginal candidate”

But of course Bloc leader Gilles Duceppe won’t sack him for this outrageously bigoted statement saying only:

“It’s a bad analysis. People don’t vote for Cree because they’re Cree or Francophones because they’re Francophone. Votes are individual”

BTW, does anyone else see the bizarreness of a Quebec separatist leader saying that Quebecers don’t vote for the Bloc along language lines? (see here)

Levant savages CBC for its VoteCompass’ “3rd party election advertising”

Ezra Levant in his Toronto Sun column lays out the obvious bias with the CBC’s VoteCompass voter survey tool:

– CBC’s Peter Mansbridge: Telling viewers that they will “find out where you stand” on election

– CBC spokesman Jeff Keay: No bias “as far as we know”

– Peter Loewen: “director of analytics” for the Vote Compass and 2006 Iggy leadership campaign “advisor”

– Richard Johnston Vote Compass’s board advisor:  Quoted in the press that Stephen Harper was destroying the “integrity” of government.

– Personal data collected: No one is saying who has access and how it is being used (see here)

For more on VoteCompass and it’s Liberal skewed bias see earlier posts here, here and here

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