Even with media’s pile-on, Conservatives still have huge lead


After the first week of the election campaign and with all the Ottawa media bent on attacking Stephen Harper while treating Michael Ignatieff with kids gloves, the Conservatives still maintain a commanding 11 point lead:

  • Conservatives: 41.3 per cent (Mar. 15: 38.6 per cent)
  • Liberals: 30.3 per cent (27.6)
  • NDP 16.0 per cent (19.9)
  • Bloc Quebecois: 8.5 per cent (10.1)
  • Green Party: 3.7 per cent (3.8)

So when you read all these low-bar praise stories about Michael Ignatief this weekend…

Stephen Maher – Liberals doing better in early campaign ” Harper’s team may be nervous, and if they’re not, they should be”

Scott Feschuk – Stephen Harper’s Lessons in strategy “To run a disastrous election campaign…You’re off and flailing”

John Ivison – Ignatieff ditching uptight image for campaign “Mr. Ignatieff reinforced his man of the people credentials”

Toronto Star – Don’t let Harper twist the debate ” Harper’s line of attack is easily refuted. It is predicated on a lie and it reeks of hypocrisy”

…you have to keep in mind that all it has done so far is scare NDP voters to the Liberals and shore up the right side of the political spectrum for the Conservatives.

Hardly a great week of campaigning unless you consider being saved from oblivion a victory.

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