CBC’s Mercer injecting himself into election again

Contrary to the persona which Rick Mercer portrays publicly as a comedic political commentator on his CBC show The Rick Mercer report of which I like, find relatively balanced and fair, is his real-life one that shows up in his one-sided snarky Tweets:

“Natives have to pay big $ to get access to the PM, white folks just hope he doesnt sit in front of them at the hockey game”

“Guy Giorno’s election twitter account -he follows 9 people one of whom is himself”

“Harpers arts tax cut works out to 20 cents a day for a kid taking piano. Good thing piano’s and lessons are cheap”

“PM will not take questions today. Same old same old”

“when I see SH in a tweet i don’t think Stephen Harper I think something entirely different”

That’s just a quick sampling of his latest Tweets. There is a huge selection of more of the same but my point I want to make today is how he, as a CBC employee has put himself into the election “debate” once again.

Back in 2001, Mercer went after then Canadian Alliance leader Stockwell Day on the CBC show This Hour Has 22 Minutes” with an on-line petition to have Stockwell renamed Doris, mocking the CA’s referendum policy.

Although Day did run a gaffe-prone campaign, this stunt by Mercer was the nail in the coffin for the CA’s election hopes.

Now fast forward to last Friday where Mercer used his Twitter account to put himself into the current election with the “offer” to host a debate between Michael Ignatieff and Stephen Harper (see here) of which Iffy “accepted”.

Can you imagine Harper knowing Mercer’s previous track record and political bent, taking him up on this? Also, think about the ego involved where someone thinks nothing of using his publicly funded celebrity status to influence an election so he can gain more exposure.

Just be glad his Mercer Report show wrapped up taping last week.


Video: Reporters do sing-along with Layton


I’m trying to look at this through non-partisan eyes unsuccessfully. I can’t get past how unprofessional it looks for Ottawa Press Gallery members joining NDP leader Jack Layton in singing folk songs on his campaign plane.

Am I being too harsh? (see here)

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