CBC’s Mercer injecting himself into election again

Contrary to the persona which Rick Mercer portrays publicly as a comedic political commentator on his CBC show The Rick Mercer report of which I like, find relatively balanced and fair, is his real-life one that shows up in his one-sided snarky Tweets:

“Natives have to pay big $ to get access to the PM, white folks just hope he doesnt sit in front of them at the hockey game”

“Guy Giorno’s election twitter account -he follows 9 people one of whom is himself”

“Harpers arts tax cut works out to 20 cents a day for a kid taking piano. Good thing piano’s and lessons are cheap”

“PM will not take questions today. Same old same old”

“when I see SH in a tweet i don’t think Stephen Harper I think something entirely different”

That’s just a quick sampling of his latest Tweets. There is a huge selection of more of the same but my point I want to make today is how he, as a CBC employee has put himself into the election “debate” once again.

Back in 2001, Mercer went after then Canadian Alliance leader Stockwell Day on the CBC show This Hour Has 22 Minutes” with an on-line petition to have Stockwell renamed Doris, mocking the CA’s referendum policy.

Although Day did run a gaffe-prone campaign, this stunt by Mercer was the nail in the coffin for the CA’s election hopes.

Now fast forward to last Friday where Mercer used his Twitter account to put himself into the current election with the “offer” to host a debate between Michael Ignatieff and Stephen Harper (see here) of which Iffy “accepted”.

Can you imagine Harper knowing Mercer’s previous track record and political bent, taking him up on this? Also, think about the ego involved where someone thinks nothing of using his publicly funded celebrity status to influence an election so he can gain more exposure.

Just be glad his Mercer Report show wrapped up taping last week.


23 Responses to “CBC’s Mercer injecting himself into election again”

  1. bocanut Says:

    Mercer quit being funny about 5 years ago.

  2. dmorris Says:

    Harper should avoid this guy(Mercer) like the plague. I expect some time in the future,when his lack of talent has finally caught up with him, Mercer will run for MP as a Liberal candidate.

    If CBC wants to host a one-on-one debate with Harper and Ignatieff, use Rex Murphy as the moderator.

    He’s the only person at CBC that isn’t FAR left.

  3. billyboop Says:

    it’s a good thing for people like Mercer that CBC exists. Without CBC he would just be another out of work not so funny guy. Outside the gta, most people don’t know him

  4. james Says:

    The whole CBC has gone ape on twitter. They are openly campaigning for Iggy at this point. Pretty sickening that I pay for this garbage.

    • Jen Says:

      CBC doesn’t get it nor wish to know this, but if canada falls everything falls as well TSX, Businesses, and so on. Not only that, with the moratorium, higher taxes, kyoto or whatever comes in the field, shutting down the oil sands in Alta and Sask, all this and more implimented by the coalition, will drive CBC down the drain why, canadians would be out of jobs, that means no more for CBC to live on for their pleasure, and because wealthy people who keep the evonomy going as such, are, will take their money out of this nation completely.

      CBC better pray that this nation doesn’t fall into the hands of a: maxist separatist Ducepper-Socialist Layton or the LPOC the most corrupt prty in canadian history.

  5. Jen Says:

    What? no media around to comment on BOB RAE’S backside?

  6. Patsplace Says:

    Make no mistake about it, these critters have the feeling that they’re fighting for their lives, and to a degree they are. They’ve been sucking on the taxpayer teat for so long that “We’re entitled to our entitlements.”

    • Jen Says:

      Suckering the taxpayers dollars while the media watch to say not a word of warning to the public yet they all go after the PMSH, the conservatives and canadians.

  7. Kursk Says:

    He was never funny..just catty..

  8. beacher1 Says:

    Former CBC guy Don Newman also has gotten into this…you know Don don’t you? He is a mouthpiece for the Blue Strategy group…..

  9. mahmood Says:

    If it weren’t for the existence of the state funded CBC this asshat would be busing tables at a comedy club.

  10. Chris Says:

    Mercer is boring. The old Newf just isn’t funny anymore.
    he should have retired gracefully several years ago. the only people who laugh at him now is the paid captive audience and they have to be told when to guffaw…

  11. jg Says:

    The Doris Day “petition” site was technically deeply flawed – all one had to do is keep reloading the page and the tally went up each time. Not that it bothered Rick Mercer at all.

  12. Ontario girl Says:

    And he doesn’t even look good naked. UGH!!

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