CBC gives anti-Harper election group exposure

You can always count on the CBC for giving a leftie nutbar group like Catch-22 media coverage (see here).  Their aim is to collect money to be used against Conservative candidates and that includes donations for the separatist Bloc Party.

For a larger run-down on this organization, see earlier post here


Liberals won’t touch Conservative Crime Bills


Can someone please tell me how it would work if the Liberals were to win the election on a platform which includes not expanding prisons but wouldn’t change the current tough-on-crime legislation?

See Liberal Mark Holland sucking and blowing at same the time here


Pollster ain’t happy to share name with CBC’s Liberal-skewed survey tool

Can’t say I blame Compas Research for not liking that the CBC-based VoteCompass has near-identical name and logo (see here). Do we smell a lawsuit?

Liberal Party platform: That 70s Show


All doubt has been removed about their strategy after the Liberals released their “Red Book” that could have been handed out by campaign workers wearing corduroy bell bottoms. It’s a complete flash-back to the era of Liberal big government with big spending. (see here)

This strategy is all about appeasing lefty NDP types so that they aren’t completely blown out of the water in this election and Iggy is the only one in the Liberal war room who hasn’t been told.

I mean seriously…30 thirty year old policies by a party led by a guy who has been gone from Canada for the same amount of time?

Iggy is being thrown under the bus in a desperate attempt to save what is left of the Liberal base so that there is still something for them to build on when he’s back at Harvard later this year.

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