So, Iggy wants to talk about being “un-Canadian” huh?


For a guy who lived the previous 34 years out of Canada before coming back just to be prime minister, you would think Iggy would be very careful about using the term “un-Canadian” when referring to anyone or anything.


Newspaper’s editor runs as Liberal but kept working at paper

The publisher of the newspaper in which Liberal candidate Laura Redman works as the editor is whining about Conservative MP Barry Devolin’s boycotting the paper as Redman continued to work there after getting the Liberal nomination back in January:

Stephen Patrick thinks it’s his newspaper’s God-given right to receive ad money from the Conservative Party:

“It’s virtually unprecedented in the history of Canadian journalism for a powerful federal party to use its power to deny a small independent paper’s employees their right to work and their right to pursue their craft”

Patrick should take off his tin-foil hat and worry more about what it looks like when you have a managing editor campaigning as the Liberal candidate all the while still making editorial decisions at his paper.

Redman made a choice just like he did by allowing her to run and Devolin made a choice to boycott, deal with it. (see here)

Oh the irony: May won’t join fringe parties debate

Green Party spokesperson Kieran Green on Elizabeth May participating in the smaller party leadership debate:

“We do not group ourselves in with them” (see here)

Now flip that around and think of the reaction if Stephen Harper’s spokesperson said that about the Green Party.

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