So, Iggy wants to talk about being “un-Canadian” huh?


For a guy who lived the previous 34 years out of Canada before coming back just to be prime minister, you would think Iggy would be very careful about using the term “un-Canadian” when referring to anyone or anything.


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  1. DWMillar Says:

    No, seriously! What kind of Canadian calls an election on the eve of the Stanley Cup Playoffs? I mean, I was born here. Lived all but five years of my life here. I’ve had my friends here for all the time it took me to get this old. None of the Canadians I know, and me too, of course, are anything but annoyed, that the son of a Russian emigree, and lately, a rather abstracted American professor, should care so little about what we Canadians care about!

  2. Peter Bailey Says:

    Iggy lived abroad from 1978-2005 = 27 years. Not 34. If you are going to throw bricks at people make sure you have your facts straight.

    • BC Blue Says:

      From NDP website: “While Michael Ignatieff spent 34 years outside of our country”

      From the Conservative website: “After spending 34 years globetrotting through America, France, Russia, and England”

      Think I’ll take their word over yours.

    • Cranky or Just a Crank Says:

      Pete – try that search button on Google/Wikipedia, etc.

      Mickey moved to the UK permanently in 1978, that is true. But he also received a PhD from Harvard in 1976. I am not sure, but I wouldn’t think that they hand out PhDs, even mushy arts PhDs, throughcorrespondence classes.

  3. Robert Martin Says:

    This commercial always reminds me of Ignatieff. Jackie staring off in the woods (like Mike) trying not to make eye contact (like Mike) because he doesn’t really belive what he is trying to sell (like Mike).

  4. CQ Says:

    I found Wikipedia also claimed 27-28 consecutive years, going by the career history. Here are some of the Canadian moments and events Ignatieff missed while away (2nd and 3rd paragraph).

  5. Jen Says:

    like Ignatieff proudly said to his own caucus and to canadians
    “I am a Democrat from the top of my head to the bottom of my feet.”

    America, one of your kind is in Canada posing as a Canadian Liberal.

    I thought the liberals hated americans!

  6. Hugo Says:

    If I’m an Irish graduate living in Canada and go back to Ireland in 20 or so years, am I less Irish? Even un-Irish? I’d love if someone could let me know…

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