Video: Front groups for political parties organizing forums

There were 2 examples today of what Conservative candidates can do when confronted with the choice of attending forums hosted by hostile or potentially front groups for other political parties.

1) Rookie Conservative candidate Chris Alexander who decided to attend a poverty forum and you can see what happened to him from the video above.

Both the NDP and Liberals quickly tried to jump all over Alexander for stating the truth as Brian Lilley points out on his blog here

2) Veteran Conservative candidate Deepak Obhrai who refused to attend a forum (see here). I emailed the reporter Jason Fekete asking him who was organizing this forum and was told it was “Inglewood Community Association”.

Any time I hear “community association”, alarm bells go off and a quick Google search revealed that this group is led by a local politician and activist making this forum look anything but neutral and objective.

Notice that the reporter doesn’t bother including that info in his story and when I asked him why, he replied that it doesn’t concern him who organized it.

Anyway, two ways to deal with these types of forums and when I’m asked to help out with a campaign, I’ll let him/her in on a few other ways I learned over the years.

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  1. Charles Says:

    Sounds like Deepak has been ambushed before and decided to save the aggravation again.
    Maybe Chris Alexander should call Deepak ,sit down for a coffee with him and and learn from Deepak’s experience.
    That one woman has eight kids and three grand kids but isn’t looking for work she is at a welfare bitch session.

  2. beachdude Says:

    This was a set up at Chris for sure. I am working for Chris and things are going quite well, people are just sick of elections and they like Chris. On a side note, from my count here in Ajax Chris is ahead as lawn signs are concerned. I do not know if Holland’s ground team are behind but in my neighbourhood it isn’t even close. Again though it is just lawn signs on lawns but it is a positive sign. However, election day will be the real test of support.


  3. Alain Says:

    Nothing but setups and a waste of time for any reasonable thinking person to attend. I must admit to seeing red when people in Canada trot out “poverty” forum, because frankly no one in this country has any idea of what real poverty is. Having less than others does not qualify as poor, but then those involved in the poverty/anti-poverty industry make a very healthy living off this myth.

  4. real conservative Says:

    It is all a setup, Ford when running for mayor of Toronto had to sit through lots of these. After a while, the tedium of dozens of events geared to the desires of the narrow group with potential gotcha moments to bring you down, makes a conservative want to avoid them. The best bet is to start up some ‘conservative’ events and ask the lefties to show up.

  5. wilson Says:

    BC Blue, gotta find the full Youtube video!

    “The video the Grits released may have a boomerang effect.

    YouTube contains a longer clip from the same meeting that shows the woman who interrupted Alexander also taking a derisive shot at Holland.

    “When I went to Mark Holland’s office, where was he? He laughed at me,” the woman said in the video…”

  6. Gabby in QC Says:

    This is a good lesson for any candidate who wants to be successful … don’t try to inform or educate your audience, like Chris Alexander tried to do at that meeting. Just appeal to the lowest basic emotion — “what’s in it for me if I vote for you?” and “you’re lying! because I disagree with your facts and figures, despite the fact I don’t have a clue what the OECD is!”

  7. National Chief Atleo should be the one apologizing for native poverty « BC Blue: One BC Conservative's view on it all… Says:

    […] This stems from a poverty forum in which Conservative candidate Chris Alexander said that 3rd World poverty is non-existent here in Canada (see here). […]

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