Liberal candidate calls natives “featherheads”

What is with Quebec MP candidates and their blatant racism towards natives?

First we had Bloc MP Yvon Levesque saying “Certain voters will not choose the New Democratic Party now that they’re running an aboriginal candidate” (see here) and now we have Liberal Andre Forbes who was the founder of the “Association for the Rights of Whites” calling natives “featherheads. (see here)

How is it possible that this guy’s many racist statements published in a variety of newspapers right up to last November slipped by the Liberal candidate vetting process?


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  1. fernstalbert Says:

    If you are a racist/bigot – keep it in the closet and amongst understanding family and friends – can’t believe that in this century people still feel free to express such appalling views. Poor Liberal (avowed champion of Canadians – except those that don’t meet the desired demographics) – needs to get out from under the oppression of “white” superiority. Get the barbeque fork and take this guy off the menu. Cheers.

  2. mikey d Says:

    What’s the big deal here?

  3. wilson Says:

    Iffy gets to eat a little humble pie today?

  4. Ontario Girl Says:

    I am sure we won’t hear another wordabout it. They arn’t done with the girls from the ralley and Carson. sigh.

  5. Cory C Says:

    Mikey D isn’t being facetious — he’s simply spewing his liberal bona fides through the safety of anonymity.

    Let’s face it; don’t all liberals really think like this? Aren’t they all obsessed with race?

  6. Dirk Gibson Says:

    I don’t do Facebook, but it would be interesting to know if Andre Forbes has a Facebook page and if he ever mentioned any of his racist views or ties there.

  7. TS2 Says:

    It’s already gone from all headlines on google news. Amazing.

    • Jen Says:

      shocking oh well we know why it is done. so predicable the media or google when the liberals are arounnd. Here today Gone tomorrow.
      If it was the conservatives : “Here today, tomorrow, next week, next month, next year….. without end.

  8. badbeta Says:

    Watch APTN National News at 5 Pacific…they will carry the story but unfortunately that will probably be the end of the matter.

  9. Rose Says:

    Dirk, what a great comeback. CBC won’t allow comments and I suspect CTV will bury this story faster than their moral compass?

  10. Dirk Gibson Says:

    Just heard Bob Fife on CTV telling Don Martin that this will probably blow over but he laughed and said “if it had been a Conservative, people would have gone nuts over the issue”.

    Certainly, this begs the question why the double standard?

  11. Skinny Says:

    It won’t be news long because Iggy moved on this right on the same day, unlike Harper, who dithers around offering only a ‘it’s under investigation’, and, ‘I can’t comment blah blah’.

    Harper just tars himself with targets, he has no one to blame but himself for all that.

  12. badbeta Says:

    And yes, APTN covered the story at 5:15 but didn’t lead with it as they should have. At least that’s my unbiased assessment of their coverage. Why would a white man bother watching APTN? Because they actually do report news unlike the scumbags at CTV and CBC.

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  14. Frances Says:

    Given the man’s a Metis, what’s the issue?

  15. Shawn Says:

    Since he is metis now this a rare case of “Colonial Mentality” in Canada like some of the mestizo’s in South America have. Even though they have may have “some” Native Ancestry they still support white pride.

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