Another slap-down of Macleans’ Potter

Brian Lilley of Sun News continues where Ezra Levant left off (see here) laying waste to what’s left of Andrew Potter’s reputation.

You really have to wonder what Potter was thinking when he went off half-cocked and bared himself as either a liar or completely blindly biased for all to see here.

Besides demolishing Potter, Lilley lets us in on a little secret:

“It is important to note that CBC probably has about one-third of the memberships in the Parliamentary Press Gallery. Then there are all the other reporters. When you see a reporter from another media outlet on CBC giving their analysis, just remember they are not there for free.”

“CBC pays anywhere from $200 an appearance for these extra reporters and analysts to close to $1,000 per appearance.”

“Your tax dollars buying up the gallery.”

“If you’ve ever wondered why there are not more stories on CBC and how they spend your money, you now know the answer. It wouldn’t do to bite the hand feeding you” (see here)


12 Responses to “Another slap-down of Macleans’ Potter”

  1. JDot Says:


    Lilley and Ezra just handed Porter his A$$.

    My mom always told me never to argue in the passion of the moment. But in the calm of the facts..

    WTF was Porter was thinking? I guess being a career student will have that effect…

  2. wilson Says:

    Brian Lilley ROCKS!

    • BC Blue Says:

      Love that he isn’t afraid to stand alone and take on the established Ottawa media regardless of all the attacks sent his way from them. It’s an impressive trait.

  3. anonymous coward Says:

    This is kind of interesting. Potter is clearly from the ‘call them racists and they’ll all shut up’ school. All must instantly agree that Lilley and Levant are intellectual prostitutes, because he says so. Otherwise, what? Frowns in the faculty club?

  4. Hoarfrost Says:

    I doubt that MacLeans will notice that I stopped subscribing to their magazine. They have become just another MSM opposition party.

    I subscribed originally to support their defense of the unfounded CHRC charges and to promote the idea of free speech. They are free to publish but I am also free to not purchase their product.

  5. Fred Says:

    The CBC – Over $33 billion in 30 years and we didn’t even get any airplanes!

  6. Why is Ottawa Citizen using CBC employees in feature? « BC Blue: One BC Conservative's view on it all… Says:

    […] It certainly wouldn’t be what the Sun’s Brian Lilley was talking about with the cosy little relationship that has the Ottawa Press Gallery being bought-off by the CBC when he slapped-down Potter before right (see here)? […]

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