Globe’s Ibbitson fails to mention video editing by Lib Holland

In an article on the riding of Ajax-Pickering, the Globe and Mail’s John Ibbitson goes out of his way to mention this about the Conservative’s candidate Chris Alexander:

“Mr. Alexander has been avoiding national media exposure lately, perhaps as a result of a YouTube video in which he appeared to suggest poverty had been eradicated in Canada, at least as defined by the World Bank. He later explained he was comparing poverty in Canada to the much greater problems of Afghanistan.” (see here)

But doesn’t bother to include that Liberal Mark Holland was caught handing out an edited copy to the media (see here).

Media reporting Arcade Fire bashing Harper

There’s nothing much more sanctimonious then a celebrity espousing their biased political beliefs.

For some reason the media (ie CBC, Globe and Mail, CP see here) feel the need to tell us that the band Arcade Fire really dislikes Stephen Harper (see here) but doesn’t think letting us in on the fact that the band’s founder and leader singer Win Butler happens to be American (see here).

Update: Looks like Arcade Fire has removed the anti-Harper message from their website

Update: The post has been put back up

NP’s Libin on media’s coverage of campaign rally removals

Kevin Libin does a nice run-down on the full-on assault from the Ottawa Press about the “innocent” Conservative rally attendees:

1) Izzy Hirji who the Toronto Star quoted as “peaceful” and “non-partisan” has a history of on-line threats and Green Party protests

2) Awish Aslam who has been taken on her word alone by the media on what happened when she was removed from a Con rally and her stating that she was “Facebook creeped” by the Cons which they deny doing. (See earlier post here on her NDP ties)

3) Joanna MacDonald who was turned away from a Con rally where she wanted to “ask questions” of Harper turned out to be a Sierra Club activist who went to Cancun to embarrass John Baird

Libin also compares the media coverage on these people to the barely whispered incident when a couple of reporters were roughed up by the RCMP assigned to Ignatieff:

“the RCMP got physical with two Free Press reporters, even elbowing a pregnant reporter in the stomach.” When someone pointed out she was pregnant, the Mountie responded: “That’s what you get for rushing a bodyguard.” (see here)

Turfed teen Awish Aslam a NDP insider?

Well, well what do we have here? An extremely interesting blog post by Leo Knight who dug into the media darling Awish Aslam and found some evidence that she is very tight with the NDP Party. (see here)

Globe’s Ibbitson admits Press Gallery members hate Harper


Norman Spector sent out a very interesting Tweet today: Globe’s Ott bureau chief in La Presse: “No secret to anyone that several members of  the press gallery hate Stephen Harper”

Wonder if John Ibbitson would now care to name them for all to know so we can judge their articles based on their personal hatred?



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