Video of Conservative secret weapon Laureen Harper

Can you imagine the faces in the Liberal war room after seeing Laureen Harper dance with Indian Bollywood star Akshay Kumar?

Also: Check out this article here on what Laureen brings to the table for the Conservatives

Star’s Delacourt pushing website run by Harper-hater

I was tipped to a blog post by the Toronto Star’s Susan Delacourt (see here) who is asking “you to direct your candidate’s attention” to sign a pledge to attend forum debates and a couple other seemingly harmless although silly pledges.

The issue comes from Delacourt calling this group Civil Election, “non-partisan” as the contact Christopher Holcroft, is anything but and far from civil himself when it come to his thoughts on Stephen Harper and the Conservative Party.

From Holcroft’s blog (see here) he lists these “as acts of cowardice” by the Conservatives on:

– climate change

– genocide in Darfur

– citizen Omar Khadr’s release

He also says Stephen Harper:

– is a neo-Conservative

– is demeaning and dismissive

– makes a mockery of Parliament

– panders to Western and Quebec separatists

– is unethical

So, as a reporter, did Delacourt pimp this guy’s site without checking his credentials or did she do it fully aware of his anti-Conservative bias?

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