Iggy caught lying about voting in another country

Michael Ignatieff has a habit of not being able to keep his stories straight (see here, and here) and has gotten away with it for the most part but this latest fib coming during this election should be a political disaster.

Iffy quoted in the Glasgow Herald 2004:

“I am an American Democrat. I will vote for Kerry in November”

And when Iffy’s spokesman (Michel Liboiron) was asked about this:

“Mr. Ignatieff is and always has been a Canadian citizen, period. He has never held any other citizenship and as such, has never voted in a foreign election

Iffy was either lying about voting for Kerry or is lying now and it turns out, that wasn’t the only time Iffy is on record saying he voted in another country.

This is what he had to  say about voting for the British Labour Party in 1997:

“Why did I vote Labour? I wanted the rascals [Conservatives]out”

As Brian Lilley puts it, Iffy “has some ‘splainin’ to do”.” (see here)


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  1. Miles Lunn Says:

    Since he is not an American citizen, it is not possible that he voted in the 2004 election in the United States. He may have voted in the 1997 election in Britain as one only has to be a commonwealth citizen and a resident of the UK thus any Canadian residing in the UK can vote in British elections. Besides that doesn’t mean he is disloyal to Canada automatically provided he still maintained his Canadian citizenship and never took out British citizenship even though he could have.

  2. Rob C Says:

    “Iggy Lying” REALLY I sure hope people noticed this fact before now. How could anyone not know . It is good to finally see it in print.

  3. Michael Harkov Says:

    Ignatieff is okay to vote in British elections when he was living there since he is a citizen of Commonwealth Nation.

    But this is where things start to get very dicey for him –

    “I am an American Democrat. I will vote for Kerry in November,” Ignatieff told The Glasgow Herald in 2004.

    American law states that only citizens can vote. Ignatieff was living in Cambridge, Mass., at the time. Voting without being a citizen is considered a crime punishable by up to five years in prison and/or fines of up to $10,000. Illegally registering to vote carries the same penalty.

    So he either intended to vote when he clearly should have known he ought not to because it was illegal for him to do so, or he thought he was able to so as an “American Democrat. Which one is worse I wonder?

    This will make the narrative that it only took a pretty big carrot (like th prospect of being PM) to lure back home that much harder to dispel.

  4. beacher1 Says:

    Don’t worry Blue the MSM will ignore this

  5. Fay Says:

    Iggy in press conference in kingston says he can’t recall how many elections he voted in the United Kingdom. Then goes on to say he never voted in a US election because he is not an American citizen.

  6. Paul Says:

    Sorry, he won’t have to explain anything. It was brushed off on CTV this morning. Nothing here move on.

  7. Fay Says:

    When are the media going to give us a history on Iggy. Introduce Canadians to his past life outside Canada and his children.
    Are the Liberal media hiding something from Canadians?

  8. Ontario Girl Says:

    Today he said…”I am a commonwealth citizen & voted in Britian.” When asked how many times, he said, “A few, I
    don’t remember”. He also said he would of” voted for John Kerry not George W Bush but I couldn’t vote”. He also said this would be his first time in a debate. LOLOLOL

    He also said he’s been getting advise” from Jean & Paul.” The sponsorship KINGS.

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