Update: Iggy lying about voting in US


Michael Ignatieff’s  spokesman Michel Liboiron is now falling on his sword for his part of the story about Iggy voting in a foreign country:

Q: You say you’ve never voted in a foreign election. But you said something different in 1998 and 2004. So which one is true?

Ignatieff: I’m a Canadian citizen. I’ve never been the citizen of another country. I’ve never voted – can’t vote in the United States. But I’m a Commonwealth citizen, so I have voted in a British election. But you know, I’m also someone who didn’t go to a foreign audience and call this country a second call failed socialist state in front of a Republican audience. You know, I’m a proud Canadian. I’m a proud Canadian. And I’ve lived overseas – ya. And wherever I’ve been, I’ve always supported progressive policies. So, you know, in 2004, I thought that John Kerry was a better idea than George W. Bush. And only a Conservative would think that George W. Bush was a better choice for the United States. But I can’t vote in the United States. Never did.

Q: How many Canadian elections did you vote in when you were living overseas.

Ignatieff: I voted in a couple. Can’t remember, happy to tell you. But I voted in Canadian elections since I was able to vote. (see here)

Also: Check out this video of Iggy commenting today how much he detested Bush which is then contradicted by his Bush-love espoused in 2005 here


CP illegally given Auditor General document from gov’t bureaucrat

The Canadian Press is reporting that they received a document which states that the Conservatives “misled Parliament on G8/20 spending” and are quick to point out that it may have been “illegal”.

It’s more than pretty darn curious that this supposed report, which was tabled due to the election, suddenly appears in the hands of the press.

If in fact this document is legit (the AG can’t respond during an election), who had access to it and how did it get into the hands of the media and will the RCMP be brought in to find out? (see here)

Update: CP is now saying that they obtained this leaked doc from “a supporter of an opposition party” (see here)

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