CP illegally given Auditor General document from gov’t bureaucrat

The Canadian Press is reporting that they received a document which states that the Conservatives “misled Parliament on G8/20 spending” and are quick to point out that it may have been “illegal”.

It’s more than pretty darn curious that this supposed report, which was tabled due to the election, suddenly appears in the hands of the press.

If in fact this document is legit (the AG can’t respond during an election), who had access to it and how did it get into the hands of the media and will the RCMP be brought in to find out? (see here)

Update: CP is now saying that they obtained this leaked doc from “a supporter of an opposition party” (see here)


22 Responses to “CP illegally given Auditor General document from gov’t bureaucrat”

  1. Mary T Says:

    CP is saying they have had this so called AG draft since Jan.
    Who leaked said so called report, was it signed by the AG or that automatic pen, Is the word NOT in it.
    Just proves the PM was right when he said the public service would not be on his side.
    Someone needs to be fired for leaking a so called report, and the AG can’t comment during an election.
    The money was spent, can’t be unspent, world leaders were kept safe, despite the protesters out to destroy property, and then cry for mommy to post bail when they got arrested.
    I don’t believe the so called report.

    • real conservative Says:

      Gee why leaked now? Not that there is any secrets here or anything of great substance. I think that all the Liberals that go to Muskoka for the summer should appreciate all the prettying up that conservatives did for them up there, instead of whining like a bunch of cry babies.

  2. Luke Says:

    Unfortunately, its the optics that matter. The optics on this look terrible, and I’m not sure how much it will help the CPC to fight back with “Hey, that’s not supposed to be released during an election!!”.

  3. Bocanut Says:

    Don Burroughs leaked it.

  4. Luke Says:

    I smell something funny, the CPC wants the entire report released as soon as possible. Something tells me that “draft” doesn’t reflect what the report actually says.


  5. james Says:

    Well we knew they had something. They’ve blown their load now. To me it sounds like nothing after having read the G&M article but I guess we’ll see what sticks. But talk about obvious gunning for your guy holy crap. Sit on it from Jan until now to help your guy?

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  7. Bert Says:

    “the Conservatives “misled Parliament on G8/20 spending”
    So ?. Just like the Liberals mislead Parliment and the rest of Canada when they said the gun registry was only going to cost $2 million ?. I wish I could be off by a factor of 10 and still have a job. If they really cared about Canada, why did they wait since January to release this so called report ?.

  8. JIM COUGLE Says:

    Thanks for keeping me posted.

    It is very difficult for the Conservatives to campaign against three legitimate political entities and a host of illegitimate ones. The CBC, the Toronto Star and The Globe and Mail have a great deal of influence. I hope Stephen gets a majority but I’m afraid that possibility is fading.

    Jim Bob

  9. Rose Says:

    Yes the RCMP should be brought in and if they aren’t why not? What’s next personal information of citizens’ leaked via the snivel service if we don’t carry water for the coalition leftards?

  10. delshilo Says:

    UPDATE: Now the Auditor General is saying the report was changed in its final form. So it looks like the Canadian Press, and the bureaucrat, have a lot to answer for. Oh, gotta love it! It was a good 10 minutes while it lasted, eh Liberals?

    AG’s statement:

    “We will not release or comment on our audit report on the G8 Legacy Infrastructure Fund. Under the Auditor General Act, we can only present reports when Parliament is sitting. The Office of the Audit General of Canada remains the custodian of its reports until they are presented to the Speaker of the House of Commons for tabling.

    I strongly caution the public to wait until our final report on the G8 Legacy Infrastructure Fund has been tabled in Parliament and made public.

    We work very hard to keep our reports confidential before they are tabled. There are indications that an early draft of this report may have been released by someone outside our Office. Our normal audit process requires that we share early drafts of our reports with government departments. We do this so they can validate the facts on which our conclusions are based, provide any additional relevant information, and so they can prepare responses to our recommendations. Sometimes during the process of fact validation, additional information is brought to our attention. Only the final report that is tabled in Parliament represents our audit findings and conclusions.”

  11. Roy Elsworth Says:

    the cp is gonna fight it bye having the full real document come out the auditor general said that the final report has been changed . so this could actually backfire on the opposition parties. just make sure that ctv and CBC actually say that this is not the real draft copy..

  12. Brian Says:

    The bureaucracy is infested with lefties who will try to sabotage anything that doesn’t seem to fit their liberal and Liberal outlook.

    Remember back when Joe Clark’s luggage disappeared and he was left in his underwear so to speak , and all the non scandal scandals , and Fowler the retired diplomat who was doing who knows what in Africa , was “disappeared” and “released” with Conservative help , only to turn around and try to smear PM Harper later …. he would have been better left to rot in Africa …, the Bev Oda (KAIRO) issue with the lefties in CIDA …. on and on etc. etc.

    Canada really needs a Tory majority to clean house in the civil service.

  13. NO QUARTER Says:

    well, we’ve all seen what a majority government can really do under Chretien, which is pretty much anything they want.
    If Harper gets his majority on 2May, God help the snivel service and the media. Liberal Heads Will Roll.

  14. Jim in Bowmanville Says:

    So CP ( Communist Press ) sat on this from January. The integrity of the mainstream media in Canada, like that in the US, is dead and the depths to which the left will go to seize power and set forth their agenda are limitless. Hopefully the thought of Prime Minister Ignatifeff, External Affairs Minister Bobby Boy Rae, Minister of Finance Jacko Layton, Minister of Public Works Olivia Chow…etc, etc, etc will give voters pause. This was a set up for maxium damage to the Conservatives on the eve of the leaders’ debate. Will the public buy into the BS. We shall see. In the meantime, Sheila should call in the Mounties and release the report.

  15. wilson Says:

    Oh, the little brown envelopes are not finished flowing yet.

    Does anyone here REALLY believe that a secret committee with Bloc and Liberal MPs on it, would keep the Afghan detainee documents secret…….
    I don’t.
    Duceppe demanded the release of the docs before April 15,
    LeBlanc said they would be released a long long time ago.

    So the committee is holding the docs and will they do the same thing,
    get a libluver to totally destort a leaked document?

  16. andyspatches Says:

    Your headline should read Auditor General -not Attorney

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