Update: Iggy lying about voting in US


Michael Ignatieff’s  spokesman Michel Liboiron is now falling on his sword for his part of the story about Iggy voting in a foreign country:

Q: You say you’ve never voted in a foreign election. But you said something different in 1998 and 2004. So which one is true?

Ignatieff: I’m a Canadian citizen. I’ve never been the citizen of another country. I’ve never voted – can’t vote in the United States. But I’m a Commonwealth citizen, so I have voted in a British election. But you know, I’m also someone who didn’t go to a foreign audience and call this country a second call failed socialist state in front of a Republican audience. You know, I’m a proud Canadian. I’m a proud Canadian. And I’ve lived overseas – ya. And wherever I’ve been, I’ve always supported progressive policies. So, you know, in 2004, I thought that John Kerry was a better idea than George W. Bush. And only a Conservative would think that George W. Bush was a better choice for the United States. But I can’t vote in the United States. Never did.

Q: How many Canadian elections did you vote in when you were living overseas.

Ignatieff: I voted in a couple. Can’t remember, happy to tell you. But I voted in Canadian elections since I was able to vote. (see here)

Also: Check out this video of Iggy commenting today how much he detested Bush which is then contradicted by his Bush-love espoused in 2005 here


21 Responses to “Update: Iggy lying about voting in US”

  1. Fay Says:

    It appears that Iggy can say or do anything he wants. The majority of the MSM are going to give him a free ride. They are not interested in fair and balanced.

    • Jen Says:

      Why not Fay, the media gave the Lpoc a free ride for years so what is one more. Ignatieff has already admitted that canada is disgusting- and I think that the media thinks the same since they have not said a word to Ignatieff.
      Didn’t Ignatieff say a few days ago that he was a democrat from the tip of head to the bottom of feet. There you go.
      Layton Duceppe and yes PM harper know where the media’s bread is buttered so why not for layton and duceppe make use of the corrupt media for themselves.

  2. John Says:

    non story asshat. now the whole misleading parliament story… now that’s a story.

  3. Expert Tom Says:

    “You know, I’m a proud Canadian. I’m a proud Canadian.”

    A proud Canadian would not say his country’s flag was a passing imitation of a beer label. A proud Canadian would miss more about Canada than just Algonquin park. A proud Canadian would not flee an expat dinner party because everyone was ‘parochially’ talking about Canada. What a goddam liar this guy is!

    • Jen Says:

      What Ignatieff told a reporter during the recession when asked why is he not working with the PM.
      Ignatieff flat out said ” I have no intention of wearing Harper recession deficit on my shoulders” then he walked away.
      Can you imagine hearing this SOB that he wants nothing to do with us basically. What he wanted is for the PM to take heat for everything then when things run smoothly they take over.
      There is no love, no pride no respect of any kind for the PM and conservatives and canadians were had to endure together the recession which the PM, Flagerty, earned full marks and international respect and standing ovation.
      Today our recovery is coming on nicely revenues are up and so on.
      The libs ndp and the bloc want to destroy this government and the hard work they have accomplished and Canada.
      You better pray that the coalition party and their corrupt party never get a chance to run this country or else Canada will plunge into DARKNESS.

  4. Bec Says:

    “I voted in a couple. Can’t remember, happy to tell you. But I voted in Canadian elections since I was able to vote.”

    What does that statement say? It’s a contradiction. First he says that he “voted in a couple” then he says that he’s happy to tell us that he “can’t remember” (WHY IS HE “HAPPY”?) AND THEN he says that he”voted in Canadian elections since he was able to vote”……

    So he is 64 so that means 46 years of elgibility at an average of 4 years per would be 11+ elections.

    Considering that you must have a permanent residence in Canada and be overseas 5 years or less to be elgible to vote in a Canadian election I’d guess the “couple” would be before he left and the rest are the 3 he’s been a CANADIAN Democrat (Liberal).

    What about taxes and donations?

    • guffman Says:

      All good points…
      It’s TRULY amazing our left wing press/media lets him away with such wishy-washy bafflegab and doesn’t question this BS at all!!

  5. Frances Says:

    Just wondering – has this ‘proud Canadian’ kept his green card or equivalent up-to-date to facilitate a possible return to Harvard? Would be nice to know as would say a lot about his REAL commitment (or otherwise) to Canada.

  6. Alain Says:

    The MSM are acting with Iggy like they did with Obama, and they wonder why they continue to lose credibility with a growing number of people. Better to stick to the funny pages.

  7. jmw Says:

    Ignatieff left the country as a young adult following his Lower College Education. I doubt he voted in many, if any, elections before he left the country.
    We haven’t been Commonwealth citizens since 1982 (British subjects), although it is legal for Canadians to vote in the U.K. even if they are not citizens (not so U.S.).
    His rock solid commitment to Canada is a little flaky here. He took the time and effort to vote in a British election, but only “a couple” of Canadian ones which he can’t remember “happy to tell you”.
    Canadian citizens home or abroad have ample opportunity by “special ballot” which requires contacting Elections Canada for a ballot to “mail in”.
    I myself have used this method when I thought I would be out of the country and miss an election. I consider it my duty and privilege as a Canadian to vote and have NEVER missed voting in a provincial OR federal election –what’s Ignatieff’s excuse???

  8. wilson Says:

    Is there a record of Canadian citizens who vote while overseas?

  9. wilson Says:

    What a fake eh,
    stand there in all His glory and tell a lie about being an American,
    who is going to vote for John Kerry.

  10. billg Says:

    –what’s Ignatieff’s excuse???
    I’ll take “He never ever thought he’d be back in Canada begging for votes” for 500 Alex.

  11. Rose Says:

    MSM needs to be boycotted, they are trying to steal the election via fake contrived scandals. I’ve had enough.

  12. just visiting Says:

    “The libs ndp and the bloc want to destroy this government…”

    No, not really, they just want to destroy this country as we know it and will get into bed with anyone to do so. Even each other. They hate Canada. The Conservatives are just “in the way”.

  13. Ontario Girl Says:

    Not a peep on CBC The National. Mansbridge and Greg Weston were too busy bashing the Conservatives and the G20. They made a draft look like it was another sponsorship scandal. Can’t wait for a Harper majority and see 1.2 BILLION dollars saved by closing down the CBC cess pool.

  14. Sean M Says:

    The media are trying to hijack this election in favour of the Liberal/Separatists and it’s a bloody disgrace to witness such a vile, corrupt act of preconceived manipulation. I’ve been following the campaigns on CPAC ( also very Liberally biased) and the love in, collusion between American Igg and the media is a nauseating revelation. The media campaigning with Iggo are a disgrace, and corrupt to the core… typical Liberals. Iggo and his media comrades calling each other by their first names, and laughing it up, like their at some kind of deranged AA meeting… truly disturbing.

  15. Jen Says:

    Remember what Ignatieff said overseas (europe) that CANADA WAS DISGUSTING.

    Now he is saying that canada is going the wrong way.
    I guess when Canada is considered in the top of world, revenues are high, taxes low, pride for our military and country is the wrong way.
    So, lets say the coalition get to govern with their beloved media and they undo everything we worked for during these fives years to implement the coalition socialistic, communistic, protectionism and marxism ideas which they represent, Ignatieff and company would say that ‘this is the right way’.

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