Liberal MP stars as rap groupie in 32-year-old son’s anti-Harper video

I honestly don’t know where to start after watching this rap video from Liberal Joyce Murray’s son featuring her family and friends filmed in her campaign office.

Murray’s son “Baba” tells the Province:

“I’d love to challenge Harper to a rap battle in person, but I don’t think he thinks so well on his feet. He’s very scripted and controlled”

What was she thinking and has she completely lost her mind? (see here)


CBC’s O’Malley only concerned about 2nd leaked AG document

Funny how Kady O’Malley’s only worry is about how the Conservatives got a copy of the 2nd draft of the Auditor General’s G8/20 report and not about how the 1st draft ended up in the hands of CP’s Joan Bryden via a Liberal operative. (see here)

CP’s Bryden selectively leaked 1st draft of AG doc?


For about 15 minutes yesterday the anti-Conservative media were in their glory with a gotcha story from the CP’s Joan Bryden showing a potential illegal G8/20 scandal.

Unfortunately for the Harper-haters, the Auditor General draft reported yesterday didn’t stand up to scrutiny for very long, smelling like a set-up from the get-go (see here) and subsequently fell apart (see here).

Now that we know the 1st draft had the inflammatory language removed in the 2nd draft (see here) the original reporter, Joan Bryden, has some explaining to do:

1) Who did she get it from in the Liberal Party?

2) How long did she have this in her possession before she reported it?

3) Was she aware that it was only a 1st draft but chose to use it to maximize political damage?

Back to you Joan for an updated version because this one you did here is bull.

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