CP uses Arab Fed’s Mouamma who called Jason Kenney “professional whore” as story source

The Canadian Press is really trying to extend this faux-scandal of a campaign volunteer who sent out an ethnic costume email as long as possible.

Besides this not even being close to news-worthy to begin with, the CP trot out (see here) Khaled Mouammar of the Canadian Arab Federation but don’t bother to mention that this guy may be just slightly anti-Conservative in his bias.

Check out this story here from the National Post on Mouammar’s terrorist group sympathizing, calling Jason Kenney a “professional whore”, being a Liberal appointee to Immigration Board and calling Israel a “genocidal regime”.

Strange how none of that made it into the CP story for context huh?


Oh oh Iggy…1/3 Liberal supporters think Harper best leader

Not only did Stephen Harper come out of the English debate with a massive up-tick in leadership ratings (122.8 from 94.9) from a Nanos poll, it also showed that 31.5% of committed Liberal supporters were part this group. (see here)

Look for the start of a very desperate campaign from the Liberals especially if the NDP numbers start to improve.

Iggy says Quebecers who put Canada #2 is fine by him

In the French Language debate, which should be re-labeled the “Quebec Debate”, Michale Ignatieff put his foot in his mouth on 2 very serious issues:

1) Telling Quebecers it’s OK to choose their province over Canada (see here)

“You can be a Quebecer or a Canadian in the order you prefer”

Wonder what Pierre Trudeau would think about a guy running for PM saying that it’s perfectly fine with him to put Canada as your 2nd patriotic choice?

2) Saying that Canada’s military must have approval of UN before being used (see here)

“The Canadian army must never be used outside the country without the authorization of the UN” 

Ya that’s right Iggy, let the corrupt UN decide which dictators and despots our soldiers will protect.

Video: CBC’s Milewski turns screw on Iggy about interview with Sikh extremist

Terry Milewski of the CBC decided to start doing some proper reporting by asking Michael Ignatieff why he is doing a one-on-one interview with the editor of a newspaper which praised the beating of Liberal MP Ujjal Dosanjh.

From the CBC article:

“Hansra wrote an editorial praising the brutal beating of Ujjal Dosanjh in 1985 and calling his attackers “the Guru’s Beloved” for giving him a “good thrashing.” Dosanjh, now a Liberal MP, called in the RCMP.

“Hansra was editor of the weekly Sanjh Savera when it ran a front-page colour illustration of Sikh bodyguards’ 1984 machine-gun assassination of former Indian prime minister Indira Gandhi under the headline, “honour the martyrs who killed the sinner.”

Iggy, obviously caught off guard, stumbled and bumbled before lamely trying to deflect with his poorly memorized, and untrue lines about Harper demanding cultural costumes in photo ops.

For added amusement watch the uncomfortable bobble-head Liberal candidate standing behind Iggy. (see here)

Update: Iggy went ahead with interview

“To be sure, Mr. Hansra has said controversial things in the past, but he has an established mainstream presence both in his capacity as a journalist, [and] as a regular contributor in other mainstream media, including the CBC radio (As it Happens, The House and The Sunday Edition) and other respected media outlets,” the statement said. (see here)

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