Iggy says Quebecers who put Canada #2 is fine by him

In the French Language debate, which should be re-labeled the “Quebec Debate”, Michale Ignatieff put his foot in his mouth on 2 very serious issues:

1) Telling Quebecers it’s OK to choose their province over Canada (see here)

“You can be a Quebecer or a Canadian in the order you prefer”

Wonder what Pierre Trudeau would think about a guy running for PM saying that it’s perfectly fine with him to put Canada as your 2nd patriotic choice?

2) Saying that Canada’s military must have approval of UN before being used (see here)

“The Canadian army must never be used outside the country without the authorization of the UN” 

Ya that’s right Iggy, let the corrupt UN decide which dictators and despots our soldiers will protect.


6 Responses to “Iggy says Quebecers who put Canada #2 is fine by him”

  1. Liz J Says:

    This guy Ignatieff is sure a mess of contradiction.

    He keeps bemoaning the fact we didn’t get that security seat at the den of Despots and Dictators called the UN after he himself was shooting through his fangs that we didn’t deserve that seat.

    He seems to be getting more unraveled as the campaign goes on. Every time he has to ‘splain himself he goes off on a tangent about “Harper”. That doesn’t cut it.

  2. robins111 Says:

    As the desperation increases, I think Iggy’d eat a live rat on camera for a couple of extra votes.

  3. Barbara Says:

    So, let’s sum up:
    He has a candidate who trashes women/rape
    He has a candidate who trashes aboriginals
    He, himself, channels Mao
    He is against prisons
    He thinks it’s ok to converse with those who advocate violence (Sikh interviewer)
    Canada is a great nation, but not good enough to be first.

    Based on the above, I’m waiting for a crack reporter to ask him the following:
    Why do you hate women?
    Why do you hate aboriginals and advocate racism?
    Why do admire mass murderers?
    Why are you against victims of crime?
    Why is it OK to beat people?
    Why do you hate Canada

    There is NO WAY Harper could get away with this crap.

    Iggy is dangerous and should never be allowed any power.

  4. Mary T Says:

    The census will be out soon, and as one can be a quebecer before canadian, I will answer Albertan when asked what nationality you are.

  5. Mary T Says:

    Angus Reid is doing daily questions, asking dumb questions re what communication systems you use, what cell phone companies etc. But for the last week they have asked
    who would you vote for today, who did you vote for last time, has your opinion of leaders changed in the last month, week, I always answer worsened for the coalition leaders and improved for our PM. But they also have a list of what is your most important issue, and after listening to iggy for a couple of days, I answered, national unity for the first time.

  6. real conservative Says:

    So Iggy admits what I’ve been saying for months now: he is the internationalist UN candidate for PM of Canada. Now that’s why the media swoon all over this guy. Even Layton is too provincial to cut it with the international jet set.

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