Oh oh Iggy…1/3 Liberal supporters think Harper best leader

Not only did Stephen Harper come out of the English debate with a massive up-tick in leadership ratings (122.8 from 94.9) from a Nanos poll, it also showed that 31.5% of committed Liberal supporters were part this group. (see here)

Look for the start of a very desperate campaign from the Liberals especially if the NDP numbers start to improve.


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  1. Calgary Junkie Says:

    As Nik has said, his leadership index is a leading indicator of his horsrace numbers. Which is why he bases his index on the most recent sample of 400–he is willing to live with the higher volatility in the index, in return for more immediate indications of horserace changes.

    Anyway, my guess is that we will get about a 1.5 point bump in Nik’s horserace numbers tomorrow. The 1.0 point we lost today was largely because the good sample we had on Sunday night dropped off.

    We need to get around 41 % and stay there–that will demoralize the Libs and put our “we need a majority” narrative more in the news.

  2. Let The Flowers Grow Says:

    but wait
    Iggy’s numbers went up too
    they are beginning to soar
    we’ve got a close one now
    this is the kind of stuff I’m reading on “other blogs” and in some newspapers
    I truly believe if everything remains the same over the next two weeks…the polling number of 39 – 40 is actually low
    I think you’ll see a 42 to 43% number

  3. Steve Says:

    BC Blue

    That headline to me does not match Harper’s leadership perfromance, oh well I guess I was expecting to much balance form Nick and the G&M

  4. Garfield Says:

    Iggy offers condolences to families of flood victims in Brandon, Manitoba. Problem is… NOBODY DIED!
    Now that’s leadership! Why wait until someone dies? Be proactive so you can tell the media Stephen Harper doesn’t care.

  5. NO QUARTER Says:

    wow…when I first learned about the Sponsorship Scandal, that was the straw that broke my Liberal back… after HRDC, Shawinigate, Martin’s Canadian Steamship Lines, Kyoto, etc etc etc… I wanted to see the Liberals decimated and reduced to a fringe party like Lizzie and the Greens..

    gee, do ya think it might really happen?

  6. Luke Says:

    That’s a serious jump. I read that Nanos said its the highest rating ever for his leadership index, since he started doing it in 2008.

    If CPC numbers remain constant even after that jump in his leadership score, there’s something wrong with the polling.

  7. Exurban Says:

    One-third of Liberals think Harper is the best leader? That is remarkable. It’s hard to imagine such a thing in past campaigns — that is, 1/3 of Liberals saying Stockwell Day or Mulroney or Joe Clark was actually the best candidate.

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