Video: CBC’s Milewski turns screw on Iggy about interview with Sikh extremist

Terry Milewski of the CBC decided to start doing some proper reporting by asking Michael Ignatieff why he is doing a one-on-one interview with the editor of a newspaper which praised the beating of Liberal MP Ujjal Dosanjh.

From the CBC article:

“Hansra wrote an editorial praising the brutal beating of Ujjal Dosanjh in 1985 and calling his attackers “the Guru’s Beloved” for giving him a “good thrashing.” Dosanjh, now a Liberal MP, called in the RCMP.

“Hansra was editor of the weekly Sanjh Savera when it ran a front-page colour illustration of Sikh bodyguards’ 1984 machine-gun assassination of former Indian prime minister Indira Gandhi under the headline, “honour the martyrs who killed the sinner.”

Iggy, obviously caught off guard, stumbled and bumbled before lamely trying to deflect with his poorly memorized, and untrue lines about Harper demanding cultural costumes in photo ops.

For added amusement watch the uncomfortable bobble-head Liberal candidate standing behind Iggy. (see here)

Update: Iggy went ahead with interview

“To be sure, Mr. Hansra has said controversial things in the past, but he has an established mainstream presence both in his capacity as a journalist, [and] as a regular contributor in other mainstream media, including the CBC radio (As it Happens, The House and The Sunday Edition) and other respected media outlets,” the statement said. (see here)


16 Responses to “Video: CBC’s Milewski turns screw on Iggy about interview with Sikh extremist”

  1. Michael Harkov Says:

    Can’t imagine Ujjal being too please, LOL.

  2. Barbara Says:

    Disgusting and disgraceful. But I’ve come to expect nothing else from trashy liberals.

  3. Liz J Says:

    Not too sure Ignatieff will be able to help Dosanjh win this time around.
    The two bobbleheads standing with him won’t win too many friends or influence anyone other than those who do brain free Liberal voting, they’re nasty, angry individuals.

    • real conservative Says:

      I think Iggy was shocked that somebody in the media dared call him out on something… he isn’t used to that up here. I guess the Libs didn’t buy everyone yet?

  4. stephen p Says:

    The proper response to TW’s quest:

    “Now look here, I was out of the country at the time, what do you expect me to do, vet every reporter’s background before I speak to him? That’s what Conservatives do!”


    “I called Ujjal after my interview with Mr. Hansra and left a message on his answering machine. I haven’t heard back from Ujjal, so I am sure everything is fine.

    By the way, I will be taking quite a few days off the campaign trail over the next few weeks, afterall I have been at it for more that 50% of the time since the camapign started which is waaaay past what I would normally put into my work activities. Please see Peter (Donolo) to get the schedule of my available days between now and May 2nd.

  5. James Says:

    In the 2006 election, there was a tipping point where the media suddenly began to push Paul Martin, and in no time at all, it turned into a dog-pile. I’m sensing Milewski’s question here may just have opened the floodgates (apologies to those of you on the Prairies for the metaphor). The media are already circling around Iggy, and I bet this was the first real bite.

    • BC Blue Says:

      I’m not getting that same sense. I think that in that election, Martin vs media was (in part) an extension of Martin vs Chretien

  6. Stan Says:

    All this proves is Milewski isn’t incompetent as a journalist, he’s simply a biased liar.
    He can do actual journalism if he wants to, he just chooses to be a liberal hack instead.

  7. Fay Says:

    Charles Adler covering this IGGY interview today. Apparently he went ahead with the interview despite Milewsky warning. But at least Iggy not asking for costumes.(Sarcasm)

  8. Ontario Girl Says:

    Sent an email to the CPAC call in show on this. It wasn’t read. The show was a rigged hour of Harper bashing and LIES. Mark Sutcliff is a Liberal Loving HACK and so is Goldhawk. The CPAC guest was Canadian Press Susan Reiley(Liberal). She said to read newspapers and she gave a blogg of the Canadian press(Probably her own Harper Hating blog)….to get the TRUTH and not the stories from the Conservative war room. Unreal.

  9. RB Says:

    Did you see the smile just drop off his face as he began to understand what TM was asking?
    Honestly he did answer the question well right up until he starts attacking what Harper is doing today…then he loses all creditability on the matter.
    These ethnic groups are Canadians first last and always….
    Like he was American and British for 30 plus years

  10. james Says:

    Forgive me here but I’m not sure what’s so bad about asking people to wear ethnic dress to a conservative rally. These are staged events and what is wrong with showing the wide variety of people who support the conservative party? Politicians of all stripe attend cultural events of all kinds. What is wrong with inviting people to display their pride for their cultural backgrounds at a conservative rally? Can anyone enlighten me as to why this is something bad?

  11. L Says:

    How does one reconcile his comments that immigrants want to be Canadians first with his comment in the French debate that it is fine for Quebecers to not necessarily be Canadians first???

    Ignatieff’s shifting views and comments frighten me. His values, positions and opinions are shifting sands. No wonder the polls show that Canadians do not see him as a leader nor worthy of our trust.

  12. Says:

    I’ve got pictures of Iggy and Jack at Toronto’s GP cultural parade, colourfull costumes and all.


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