Iggy’s Howard Dean moment: “Rise up rise up!”

Michael Ignatieff’s desperation is coming through loud and clear with a couple of very weird things he said Friday.

The first was this bizarre “rise up” chant referring to a Bruce Springsteen song of which I highly doubt the Boss was thinking about parliamentary politics when he wrote it. Video of it can be found here at the 4:30 mark.

The second was with his over-the-top hubris equating Stephen Harper to Middle East dictatorships:

“This is the kind of thing you’d expect maybe in Egypt or Syria or some country that doesn’t know democracy” (see here)

This was in reference to the University of Guelph faux-scandal (see here). Iggy of course forgets to mention that the Liberals stopped another vote at the University of Toronto in 2006.

I’m wondering if we will now see the media stop propping up Iggy as he will only drag them down even further in the public’s mind if they jump-the-shark along with him.

h/t to Wilson for finding the “rise up” video portion at CTV

Elections Canada says U of Guelph voting was unauthorized

Another Conservative faux-scandal turns out to be the fault of a “well-intentioned returning officer” who set up a polling station without proper authorization at the University of Guelph.

Never letting facts or proof get in the way of a good Conservative bash we saw idiotic pieces such as this from the Globe’s resident Liberal mouthpiece well before any evidence of what occurred was verified.

Of course even after we start getting an idea of what really happened, Smiling Jack Layton wants “to see an investigation into this attempt to block students from casting their vote”.

Forgive Layton for  not bothering to call for an investigation on how an Elections Canada returning officer could have possibly thought it was OK to set up this polling station in the first place. (see here)

Video: Young Conservative lady assaulted at Liberal rally

This video is from a Liberal BBQ rally where some Conservative’s show up to “celebrate” the 2 year anniversary of the endorsement by Liberals of a tax on digital recording devices like iPods.

I hesitated to call what I see this chicken-of-a-man walking up and flipping the tray of cupcakes out of the young woman’s hands then slinking away an “assault”, but what else would it be?

Guergis letter release delayed to inflict maximum damage

CBC’s release of the letter (see here) sent from the Prime Minister’s Office to the RCMP (which was received from Helena Guergis herself) is another case of information being held back to blast the Conservative Party during the election aided by the ever-willing media.

The first attempt at this was by the CP’s Joan Bryden, who selectively released the quickly discredited Auditor General’s 1st draft of the G8/20 report (see here) and now we have this 1 year old letter miraculously hitting the news circuit mid-campaign.

I had asked how pathetic Guergis could possibly get before and the answer seems to be that it’s something we may never know.

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