Liberals caught setting up teens to get tossed from Con rally

Looks like the Liberals were caught sending 2 teenagers into a Conservative rally in Vancouver with the effort of trying to get them kicked out.

Now will the Ottawa Press start doing their jobs and report on this dirty tactic and call out Iggy for spreading this lie?


Iggy defines election on ethics then drags out Chretien?

I sure would like to know how Michael Ignatieff thinks campaigning on what a terribly unethical and undemocratic PM Stephen Harper is, squares up with him dragging Jean Chretien out on the campaign trail (see here).

Does Iggy really think re-introducing the public to the guy which Adscam flourished under is a smart political move? Just because the Liberal friendly media still laugh at Chretien’s oft-repeated lame jokes about majorities, the public has not forgotten about the corruption and rot he represents.

Another example of political ineptness from a guy who didn’t live in Canada during those years.

BC Premier Christy Clark’s campaign advisor uses abortion scare against Moore

You know when a campaign is in deep trouble and desperately looking for anything to help when you see garbage like this from the Liberals.

Liberal BC spokesman Brad Zubyk:

“Stephen Harper has tried to say ‘don’t worry about an abortion debate, don’t worry about a socially conservative agenda” (see here)

For those in the Conservative Party that support the BC Liberal Party, you should be aware that Zubyk was Liberal premier Christy Clark’s “campaign advisor” during the Liberal leadership race (see here).

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