BC NDP go hard left with Dix as new leader

Adrian Dix has just been elected the new leader for the BC NDP which was holding this race after a caucus coup took out Carol James (see here).

Dix has strong links to disgraced former NDP premier Glenn Clark and was caught back-dating a memo trying to cover for Clark

and continued his Glenn Clark learned ways when thousands of memberships were questioned by 2 NDP leadership candidates but allowed by the NDP brass under very suspect conditions (see here).

So, the NDP go to big unions and the BC Liberals to a select few favourite big businesses leaving a lot of room now for John Cummins and the BC Conservatives to become the choice for the average BC voter.


Ottawa Press silent on Liberals caught sending teens to Harper rally

Looks so far like the Ottawa Press is going to sweep the Liberal dirty tactic of setting up 2 teenagers to get “kicked out” of a rally in Vancouver yesterday under the carpet (see here).

I have only found one story where this has been mentioned in the media today which comes from the Liberal friendly radio station CKNW and of course fails to expose these plants for what they were:

A pair of politically active teens were denied entrance to a Stephen Harper rally in Burnaby Saturday.

Seventeen year old Diamond Isinger and her nineteen year old friend Justin Kaiser were told by a Tory campaign staffer they couldn’t come inside because of their affiliation with the Young Liberals.

“Well, I mean I saw the events page registration online and I thought to myself, well, you know what, this might be a great opportunity for me to finally hear from our Prime Minister.  I’ve met Elizabeth May once, I’ve attended a Jack Layton event, I’ve heard Michael Ignatieff speak several times, and I thought to myself, I mean, why not, right?” 

She says they weren’t there to cause trouble and she had actually received an email confirmation from the Tories. Isinger says her friend had worked on a Tory campaign in 2006.

“So this staffer goes to check inside with his superior or a senior staffer and the senior staffer and them both come out and basically tell him that he’s allowed to come in as long as he doesn’t ask questions, doesn’t say anything, he’s just there to listen, not to cause a fuss.”

Neither of them went inside. Instead they took to Twitter to spread their story.

Isinger is now actively denying on Twitter that she was invited into the rally (see here) as is her cohort Kaiser (see here) and of course it’s posted on the Liberal website (see here).

The media is fully aware of what occurred as shown by their Twitter accounts but I’m guessing since that the Cons are prepared to defend themselves by offering their staffer’s version of what happened, the media will give this a pass.

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