Ottawa Press silent on Liberals caught sending teens to Harper rally

Looks so far like the Ottawa Press is going to sweep the Liberal dirty tactic of setting up 2 teenagers to get “kicked out” of a rally in Vancouver yesterday under the carpet (see here).

I have only found one story where this has been mentioned in the media today which comes from the Liberal friendly radio station CKNW and of course fails to expose these plants for what they were:

A pair of politically active teens were denied entrance to a Stephen Harper rally in Burnaby Saturday.

Seventeen year old Diamond Isinger and her nineteen year old friend Justin Kaiser were told by a Tory campaign staffer they couldn’t come inside because of their affiliation with the Young Liberals.

“Well, I mean I saw the events page registration online and I thought to myself, well, you know what, this might be a great opportunity for me to finally hear from our Prime Minister.  I’ve met Elizabeth May once, I’ve attended a Jack Layton event, I’ve heard Michael Ignatieff speak several times, and I thought to myself, I mean, why not, right?” 

She says they weren’t there to cause trouble and she had actually received an email confirmation from the Tories. Isinger says her friend had worked on a Tory campaign in 2006.

“So this staffer goes to check inside with his superior or a senior staffer and the senior staffer and them both come out and basically tell him that he’s allowed to come in as long as he doesn’t ask questions, doesn’t say anything, he’s just there to listen, not to cause a fuss.”

Neither of them went inside. Instead they took to Twitter to spread their story.

Isinger is now actively denying on Twitter that she was invited into the rally (see here) as is her cohort Kaiser (see here) and of course it’s posted on the Liberal website (see here).

The media is fully aware of what occurred as shown by their Twitter accounts but I’m guessing since that the Cons are prepared to defend themselves by offering their staffer’s version of what happened, the media will give this a pass.


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  1. Fat Tony Says:

    I expect sun tv to cover this tomorrow

  2. Luke Says:

    Sun News kicks off with “The Source” with Ezra Levant at 5pm EST. I can’t wait!!!

  3. Bluebird Says:

    CKNW headline: Young Liberal Denied Access to Conservative Rally
    “A pair of politically active teens were denied entrance to a Conservative rally in Burnaby on Saturday”
    “senior staffer tells him he is ALLOWED to come in” Neither went inside, instead they took to twitter to spread their story.

  4. patsplace1 Says:

    Be careful when dealing with Liberals. Remember that they had an “alleged by the FBI” made guy Mafioso as Liberal Party Whip, the second highest position in the party, right next to the PM at that time. (Chretian/Gagliano) These guys are not only shady, they’re organized.

  5. Dirt Says:

    I don’t think Liberal Media would report any negative reports on the Liberals, no matter how badly they behave. Look at how they’re reporting the unregistered polling station issue? Our electorial system being dragged into third world status and the media is reporting that we tried to steal a ballot box or something akin?

    • Jen Says:

      Dirt, The media are the CHICKENS, THE COWARDS, the fear reeks among them to remain silent. MAN, in a supposed Free country, I have never seen such sad pitiful disgraceful disgusting behaviour by media reporters who are to dam scared of their shadow.
      They haven’t the faintest idea why they are ‘ordered’ to attack the CPC- for no reason at all. Something or someone reeks danger among them.

  6. Patrick Says:

    It’s pretty funny on Twitter to see them spread this story for us in droves. I tweeted the following:
    @JustinCLKaiser @diamondisinger invited into rally not kicked out. To progressives the ends justify the means. #elxn41 #cdnpoli
    So then diamondisinger herself refuted it so that her whole list could then retweet her message and of course the libs pile on and retweet as well. Every single tweet about it has a link to my twitter profile. So it’s great of them to spread around the fact they were invited inside and not kicked out. If you have twitter then get on it and tweet about it, they’ll spread it around for you!

  7. Jerry Prager Says:

    Yes, after Sun TV comes on board three conservative families will control over 90% of all media in Canada, including Torstar, which the left gets to keep so no one will notice who owns everything, or notice how thankful the Party has been to them for not holding the prime minister accountable, but then nearly 200 million dollars in Action Plan Consortium Scam wealth transfers will do that.

  8. james Says:

    The CPC needs to video tape the activities at the entrance to every rally from now on.

  9. Jerry Prager Says:

    Use some of those security families you guys bought for the police state.

    • james Says:

      Crack is bad for you

    • Alain Says:

      Clearly Prager, you would not know a police state if you saw one. However just keep pushing the leftist envelopment and you are much more likely to find yourself in a police state than under any conservative government. Communism and socialism (communism under another name) always lead to totalitarianism, so consider yourself forewarned, assuming you have the smarts to understand.

  10. Anonymous Says:

    They simply weren’t on the list at all! They didn’t receive an e-mail (did anyone in the media ask for verification), there were 1500 people registered and a volunteer explained to us who were there that to make sure that everyone who was registered was able to get in those who weren’t registered could wait until the event started and if there was still room would be let in, futhermore nothing was said about shutting up to anyone attending the rally. A remarkable accomplishment considering members of the Marxist-Leninist party were yelling and chatting at those of us showing up for the rally.

    These two left pouting and whipped out their phones to start tweeting, and the mainstream media gobbled up like a herd of demented turkeys *gobble gobble gobble*.

    -Disgruntled rally observer

    -Disgruntled volunteer

  11. ChuckT Says:

    Here’s a timeline I’ve worked out:

    Timeline (all times Atlantic — my local):
    9:37 diamondisinger tweets that she has been denied entrance
    9:49 diamondisinger tweets that she will be on CTV about it
    9:57 CBCTerry (Terry Milewski) tweets that Ignatieff has mentioned the incident at his rally in Edmonton

    I’m trying to find somebody tweeting that Ignatieff has taken the stage in Edmonton. 20 minutes is enough time for Ignatieff to get this (false) info, but if he was onstage already then it is proof that the fix was in!

    • BC Blue Says:

      Very interesting… one of Iggy’s apologists said it was an hour later he mentioned it when I said it was minutes…please keep me updated.

      • Anonymous Says:

        Found some more info that puts it more in Iggy’s ‘favour’. Justinclkaiser tweeted at 9:13pm (again my local time) with a link to the BC Liberal party who had posted the story.

        These are the first tweets from either of them. More than 2 hours after they would have walked away from the CPC rally. And all tweets AFTER the BC Liberals posted it on their website.

        I can picture the debriefing now:

        Isinger: We decided to leave.
        BCLib: After you were told to.
        Kaiser: No, they invited us in.
        BCLib: No, they told you to leave.
        Isinger: But…
        BCLib: Wait, wait. Here’s what I want you guys to tweet.

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