Globe drags girlfriend’s niece through mud in Bruce Carson story

In a sleazy attempt to keep the Bruce Carson issue in the spotlight, the Globe and Mail’s Campbell Clark and Greg McArthur produce a “story” on how the niece of Bruce Carson’s girlfriend was hired by Minister Gary Lunn.

Without an ounce of proof that this was anything but a normal summer job, they sully an innocent young woman’s reputation just so they can beat this dead horse.

These two should be ashamed of themselves and if this paper had an once of journalistic integrity, it would apologize to this lady and pull this despicable tabloid piece. (see here)

Sexist comments against women from Sun News haters in media

I only watched a couple of minutes of Sun News today so I can’t really comment much on the content except to say it sure ain’t like anything else on Canadian TV which in itself makes me very happy.

What I did want to comment on is the snide remarks being made from Sun News’ media competitors and especially the ones which smack of being misogynistic.

CBC’s Rick Mercer – “Just yesterday SUN TV’s studios was full of dry wall, today it is full of silicone”

Ottawa Citizen’s Dave Dutton – “26 babe shots in intro; still awaiting actual news”

Globe and Mail’s Jeff Blair – “If the ratings are as high as the hem-lines, Sun News has a chance”

I’m not normally one to get bent out of shape over stuff like this but imagine the outcry if it was the Sun’s journalists and on-air personalities taking shots at the CBC’s Wendy Mesley or CTV’s Jennifer Ward about how short their skirts are and sneering about their boob jobs?

Where to find Sun News on your TV today

Starting 4:30 EST today, Sun News will be launched so I thought I would pass along the list of where you can find it on your local cable provider.

Bell TV – Channel 213

Shaw Digital – Channel 177

Shaw Direct – Channels 149 and 517

Rogers in Toronto – Channel 15

Rogers in Ottawa – Channels 66 or 142

Shaw Cable Hamilton – Channel 21

Cogeco Cable Hamilton – Channel 16

Videotron – Channels 79 and 679

Update: Please check out the comments as readers are posting additional information on where to find Sun News

Video: Liberals caught lying in ad on Harper quote

The Liberals have been caught putting someone else’s words into Stephen Harper’s mouth in their health care attack ad.

The line attributed to Harper “It’s Past Time the Feds Scrapped the Canada Health Act” not only was not from Oct 2010 as the Liberals state in the ad, it was from National Citizens Coalition president David Somerville in 1997.

Liberal Party spokesman Michel Liboiron said he didn’t think it was misleading to say the quote came from 2010:

“We wanted to use the most up-to-date reference, which would seem to be the Globe story” (see here)

Also: Note that the headline CBC  runs doesn’t use the word “attack” only that the ad is “anti-Harper”.

Also: Note this from the article “Contacted last Thursday, Liberal Party spokesman Michel Liboiron…” So the CBC’s Laura Payton knew about this lie since last Thursday and didn’t report on it until today when the Conservatives made it an issue?

Update: From the Globe’s Jane Taber:

“a senior Liberal official said the party strategy dating back six months ago was to launch these attack ads at this particular phase in the campaign – “whether we were 10 points up or 10 points down” (see here)

Update: After first refusing to pull the ad:

“It references past statements made by Stephen Harper. These statements are on the public record and have been sourced multiple times — they are not made up.”

the Liberals have now changed their minds and will alter it.

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