Sexist comments against women from Sun News haters in media

I only watched a couple of minutes of Sun News today so I can’t really comment much on the content except to say it sure ain’t like anything else on Canadian TV which in itself makes me very happy.

What I did want to comment on is the snide remarks being made from Sun News’ media competitors and especially the ones which smack of being misogynistic.

CBC’s Rick Mercer – “Just yesterday SUN TV’s studios was full of dry wall, today it is full of silicone”

Ottawa Citizen’s Dave Dutton – “26 babe shots in intro; still awaiting actual news”

Globe and Mail’s Jeff Blair – “If the ratings are as high as the hem-lines, Sun News has a chance”

I’m not normally one to get bent out of shape over stuff like this but imagine the outcry if it was the Sun’s journalists and on-air personalities taking shots at the CBC’s Wendy Mesley or CTV’s Jennifer Ward about how short their skirts are and sneering about their boob jobs?


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  1. Kriilin Namek Says:

    Sun babes, FTW!!!!!!

  2. Conservative Growth Says:

    Your right Dean and anyone new to the political game the rules are that the left can act like misogynistic, sexist and violent haters but only conservatives are actually these things.

  3. E Mac Says:

    Noting to worry about SUN TV will do just fine thank you!

  4. skuleman Says:

    Its tough for some guys to admit that a woman (let alone several) can be so much smarter than them and still look that good.

  5. Rob C Says:

    I expect nothing else from Mercer. If it wasn’t for the free ride he gets at the cbc (on the taxpayers dime) he would be NOTHING.

    • j Says:

      Finally someone who says something that I’ve been saying for a long time. Canada produces great comedians who can compete and win in the larger, world entertaiment market.

      Mercer doesn’t. He sits, safe in his little CBC cocoon, trotting out his anti-conservative, anti-american shtick for his little niche market.

      If Mercer tried to compete without the CBC’s help he’d still be a 5th rate, minimum wage comedy club nobody.

  6. Ontario Girl Says:

    Rick Mercer can’t talk…he bared his a$$ with Bob Rae on CBC….he’s just upset because Adler brought up his little talk with Jane Taber on the illegal vote held in Guelph that they were cheerleading. Sour Grapes

    • Duf Says:

      I just wish people would not make statements that are incorrect. The vote at Guelph was ruled valid by election Canada.

      To say anything else take away from the rest of your statement, which isn’t much by the way.

      • Jmw Says:

        Then why ban all other similar votes on University campases? No one is suggesting for a minute that students not vote! I think that is great! But that is not the issue here.
        But the same rules should apply to all and this vote was NOT authorized by Elections Canada. The students should be given the right to re-vote in their correct ridings OR have an authorized vote by Elections Canada on their campus.
        If we made exceptions for everyone, there would be no need for rules.

      • MikeM_inMd Says:

        The election board is the final say on legality? I thought that’s what courts and judges were for.

      • NeilD Says:

        Just because Elections Canada decided to allow it doesn’t mean the polling station wasn’t illegal in the first place. It was illegal on at least two counts. It wasn’t authorized by the main body of Elections Canada and the area around the polling station itself was decorated with Liberal posters and there were Liberal volunteers handing out Liberal literature to voters walking into the building.
        If the Conservative candidate ends up losing by only a handful of votes that polling station will find itself back in the news via the ensuing court case and the Conservative candidate will win.

      • Alberta Girl Says:

        Actually Duf…EC ruled it an unauthorized vote – then deemed the votes would be counted – even though no Conservative scrutineer was allowed (as is required under EC rules); liberal partisan election material was being handed out (as is against EC rules); did the DRO check to see that these students could actually vote in that riding (as is required by EC rules); are these students now allowed to vote again when they get back home and have their voter registration card at mom and dad’s place (which would be against EC rules).

        So yes, EC ruled the votes would be valid – after the votes broke about 10 of EC rules. I wonder what EC would have said if the Conservatives had been there handing out materials, the DRO was a card carrying conservative and they had barred the Liberal scrutineer.

        We all know the answer, Duf – and so do you.

  7. Joshua Says:

    Meh.They dont like it, too bad.Last time i checked i was male and i like chicks.OMG im a human being!Imagine that.

  8. wilson Says:

    Well, looks like Rickie Mercer saw that piece about Him and Jane Taber….haha

    I LOVED the pokes at Iffy and his RISE UP

  9. bitter_irony Says:

    I used to like to leer at Wend Mesley’s short skirts, but her boobs? Lately? I’m afraid I don’t watch CBC or CTV.

    There – have I helped. Have we reached parity?

  10. Fay Says:

    Twitter shows Canadians the real views of journalist in Ottawa. Not a pretty picture!

  11. brad Says:

    the jealousy is out full swing now. i give the cbc and ctv about one week before they really start to panic when they notice the ratings slide.
    if we thought they were bias before, just wait.

  12. Paul Says:

    If SunTV has hot women like Fox kudos to them. Absolutely loved EZRA taking a run at CBC. That guy calling Ezra the Godfather was annoying, it was kind of silly.

  13. Roy Elsworth Says:

    I have it shown on my shaw direct and am suppose to get it but when I click to the station 517 it don’t go there it. does nothing. and I have no way of getting it to work because shaw Direct isn’t in my name at the account place and my old man he don’t care much for the news so he won’t phone in to get them ot change or fix it.

  14. Agent Smith Says:

    Saw/heard Ezra’s mission statement of SunTV – a thing of beauty!

    Caught some Addler – he’s great as well, starting to understand the whole Addler nation thing.

    Listened with great interest overall for 2 hours while painting. Could never have listened that long to regular news tv – so banal!

  15. Agent Smith Says:

    ..and the shots they were taking at CBC ? – like shooting fish in a barrel.

  16. wallyj Says:

    It’s only fair. You have Libby and Sheila Copps.

  17. andycanuck Says:

    Isn’t a boob job having a comedy show on the CBC?

  18. Martin Says:

    The CBC shots were probably overdone, but for anyone tuning in not used to blogs, it could be the first time ever they heard the truth about how the CBC spends their money, and how they refuse to talk about it.

  19. Robert McElheran Says:

    More beautiful women.
    Shorter skirts.
    Lower necklines.
    I’m a guy.
    I’m straight.
    OMG I’m a knuckle dragging neanderthal.
    And I support MY Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

  20. B-Rile Says:

    @Rob C: your comment, “I expect nothing else from Mercer. If it wasn’t for the free ride he gets at the cbc (on the taxpayers dime) he would be NOTHING.” is not quite correct – Rick wouldn’t be exactly nothing, but he would be asking “do you want fries with that?” a lot at work, and then heading off to The Ship Inn in St. John’s, where he would be one of many regulars with half a sense of humour.

  21. skinking Says:

    Rick Mercer never even finished high school,why would you take him seriously?
    He`s an ass with a bunch of “honorary” degree`s!

  22. wilson Says:

    I don’t see this on CTV or CBC

    Liberal campaigner worker arrested for stealing CPC signs:

    TORONTO – A Liberal worker accused of ripping off a Tory opponent’s signs will face a court nine days after the federal election, police said.

    The arrest of incumbent Brampton-West MP Andrew Kania’s worker was revealed Monday by Mitch Wexler, Conservative opponent Kyle Seebeck’s campaign manager…

  23. Rob C Says:

    B-Rile I stand corrected Thank you. Do you suppose he might find the other half of a sense of humor after a few pints bought with his welfare subsidy check??

  24. John West Says:

    The “state comedian” is not nearly as funny as he used to be .. before he started taking himself seriously.

    Remember in the old days they used call fools like Mercer “Court Jesters”.

    He is incapable of making a living outside of government.

  25. Bocanut Says:

    The gals at Sun TV certainly don’t look like Wendy-the Chiropractor with the 60’s hair from the Seinfeld show-AKA Lisa Laflame.

  26. Dirt Says:

    Sorry Duf but Elections Canada doesn’t have the legal authority to grant legal status to an illegal polling station just because they did doesn’t make it legal or ethical that’s up to the courts to decide. I filed a formal complaint and they are required to contact me and as of yet nothing but total silence.

  27. Miguel Says:

    Stop giving Mercer publicity people! Ignoring him is the best way to deal with this self-promoting communist…

  28. Macleans’ Savage calls Sun News “Skank TV” « BC Blue: One BC Conservative's view on it all… Says:

    […] the misogynistic comments (see here), the Mean Girls are now out in full force trashing the women of Sun […]

  29. Stan Says:

    This is just terrible.
    Make them wear burkhas.

    And ban kite flying, anybody can see how evil THAT is….

  30. Stan Says:

    They told me it SunTV started a new station in Canada we would see more hate and misogyny…and they were right!

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