Iggy’s Mansbridge interview was epic failure

I highly doubt Michael Ignatieff could have screwed up his 1-on-1 interview with Peter Mansbridge any worse than he did.

The choice of doing a studio interview in which any hesitation, insincerity or lack of clarity was on full display was Iggy’s first mistake followed by his complete lack of understanding that feedback from Liberal faithful to his oft-repeated lines is not good enough for the undecided voter.

It was almost like Iggy couldn’t believe that he would be challenged on his answers and party platform which I thought Mansbridge did a great job of doing.

But the largest blunder was when Iggy explained that he would be willing to lead a coalition if the House didn’t have confidence in a Conservative minority government trying to pass it off as some sort of basic civic lesson. According to many media apologists, Iggy had disavowed forming a coalition which he now says he clearly would do.

Look now for the Liberals and friendly media to try to clean up the mess Iggy made. (see interview here)


Iggy on democracy: “Do as I say not as I do”

Michael Ignatieff has a massive credibility problem every time he spouts off about democracy and no, I’m not going to talk about his Liberal leadership coronation.

Iggy was exposed for a hypocrite when Jack Layton nailed him on his voting record in the House during the leadership debate. I’m glad someone finally called Iggy out on this worse-kept political secret which bloggers have been on for a long time and for the life of me, can’t figure out why the Conservatives weren’t hammering away on ages ago.

Today, Iggy is whining about Conservative candidates not attending debates which are usually set up by special interest groups filled with partisan sock puppets looking to score cheap gotcha points.

Problem for Iggy is that if he is going to get up on his high horse about this, he might wanna commit himself to a debate or 2 in his own riding. (see here)

Liberals knew Harper health care “quote” was false

Michael Ignatieff dug himself deeper into this Liberal lie yesterday by saying that they used “extremely reputable sources” (ie Macleans and the Globe and Mail) in defence of running the falsely Harper-attributed health care quote in an ad.

The problem with that story is that the Liberals had properly attributed the quote to David Sommerville back in 2004 (see here).

What excuse will Iggy come up with now I wonder?

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