Macleans’ Savage calls Sun News “Skank TV”

After the misogynistic comments (see here), the Mean Girls are now out in full force trashing the women of Sun News.

Tasha Kheiriddin from the National Post was the first to chime in complaining that she, as a “small c-conservative,” is offended by the clothing worn by the Sun News women ie “low-cut, sleeveless and yuck” (see here).

How dare Sun News use attractive women as it’s not say standard practice in every news organization to put good looking women on their anchor desks or weather reports right?

Then showing solidarity forever against these hussies, we get the classy Tweet from Macleans’ Luiza Savage who calls the Sun News women “skanks”. For those not familiar with this term, it means to be a slut or whore.

So, I guess we are now free to surmise how Kheiriddon and Savage got to where they currently are in the media World?

Update: I just saw Tasha Kheiriddin on CBC’s Power and Politics as a panelist and the host, Evan Solomon went out of his way to congratulate her on her column today.

NDP threatens business boycott over election sign

The NDP is always spouting off about free speech and democratic principles but as anyone who has been on the receiving end of their vitriol attacks can attest, they have one rule for themselves and a whole other set for everyone else.

Dave Rutherford reports on a threat by NDP operative Joel French to boycott the business Rentex because of Conservative signs on their properties.

French was listed as the University of Alberta NDP campus president in 2010

Joel French
President, U of A Campus NDP
Phone: 780-893-9379

so this isn’t some part-time/lowly volunteer that is frothing at the mouth trying to damage a legitimate business just because the CEO dares to take part in politics.

If you need further proof of his status in the NDP organization, check out the video of his Gaza flotilla rally above.

And what does the NDP’s Alberta campaign manager, Lou Arab say about this? Only that it was “over the top”.

Don’t expect the media to report on this as they are too busy sniffing out Conservative faux-scandals of-the-day like a Union rep saying an unnamed cleaning woman was paid cash to work at 24 Sussex (see here) and the continued dragging of an innocent young lady’s name through the mud (see here).

Update: Alberta Ardvark reminds us that Joel French was Pat Martin’s “university kid” who was involved in Linda Duncan’s office using parliamentary resources for NDP partisanship (see here)

Globe’s Liberal “insider”: Iggy’s coalition gaffe was intentional

Ahh…who knew Michael Ignatieff was such a political chess master? You see, Iggy didn’t make one of the all-time greatest campaign blunders by admitting he would form a coalition if the Conservatives fail to win a majority, instead he was “telegraphing their intention to form a government if Harper has 153 seats or less”.

This is according to the Globe and Mail’s Jane Taber who trots out her ever-ready anonymous “Liberal insiders” in an attempt to do some damage control.

How she squares the ethics of using her “Liberal insiders” version of events followed by Iggy’s spokeswoman denying it was a wink to coalition supporters is anyone’s guess. I’ve long since stopped trying to figure out how Taber stays employed. (see here)

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