Globe’s Liberal “insider”: Iggy’s coalition gaffe was intentional

Ahh…who knew Michael Ignatieff was such a political chess master? You see, Iggy didn’t make one of the all-time greatest campaign blunders by admitting he would form a coalition if the Conservatives fail to win a majority, instead he was “telegraphing their intention to form a government if Harper has 153 seats or less”.

This is according to the Globe and Mail’s Jane Taber who trots out her ever-ready anonymous “Liberal insiders” in an attempt to do some damage control.

How she squares the ethics of using her “Liberal insiders” version of events followed by Iggy’s spokeswoman denying it was a wink to coalition supporters is anyone’s guess. I’ve long since stopped trying to figure out how Taber stays employed. (see here)


17 Responses to “Globe’s Liberal “insider”: Iggy’s coalition gaffe was intentional”

  1. Jacko Says:

    Taber’s a conservative but don’t let that spoil your rant.

    • BC Blue Says:

      Total Neo-Con!

    • Garfield Says:

      I think you misspelled your name Wacko! Taber a Conservative? You must be the only person in Canada to believe that silliness!

    • Alberta Girl Says:

      Oh Jacko….you must be so far left that you are in the communist party if you think Taber is Conservative!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

      Please give us some examples of some way she has shown herself to be conservative…please – I will await your examples with bated breath, Jacko!!

  2. Jen Says:

    Did I read and heard correctly on Suntv and front page headlines in the SUN newspaper that the LIBERAL PARTY-no-make that Coalition own Ignatieff, had ties to the Iraq war.

    You mean to tell me that after all these years while the liberals bashed and still bash the conservatives over Iraq war calling PM all sorts of names, have the very one and only as their leader who was involved or had ties in/to the IRAQ WAR.

    CBC CTV G/M T/S. Have played games with us.
    NDP was all over PM calling him Bush-like
    Bloc, the same
    NOT ONCE did Mansbridge, CBC, CTV etc ever said a word about Ignatieff; they have allowed the Libs to insult the PM 24/7.

  3. dmorris Says:

    “Liberal insiders argue the polls are showing a Harper majority is almost out of reach. So, Mr. Ignatieff and his team want “to telegraph their intention to form a government if Harper has 153 seats or less,” a veteran Liberal said”

    I just don’t believe Ignatieff made a colossal blunder on National TV. The man isn’t stupid,despite all our comments to the contrary, and he was undoubtedly well primed for this performance. More likely he hoped that his CBC interview was only playing to the diehard political junkies and the 7% of the population who watch CBC. After that it’s yesterday’s news, no matter how hard the Tories flog it.

    Should the Coalition dream come true,Ignatieff will be able to point to this interview and claim Canadians had fair warning that he’d seek a coalition.

    A political Party can only get so much mileage out of a crisis or potential crisis,and this Coalition thing has been repeated until it no longer has the cachet it once had. The believers believe,the skeptical will no longer be convinced,the issue is past it’s due date.

    Unless Harper or Ignatieff screw up royally,the vote should come in at about where the polls indicate now. Harper could very well win a majority,and I doubt Ignatieff will stick around much after that.

  4. Durward Says:

    So why did they not run on a combined platform if that is what we will get if Harper fails to get a majority?
    Talk about deceiving the masses!
    I for one will not pay taxes to a coalition of separatists, communists and UN puppets.

  5. james Says:

    If she and her insiders think this will help them I don’t know what to say. To come out and agree with what Harper has been saying all along is quite odd to say the least.

  6. Garfield Says:

    Michael Harris was stumping for the coalition this afternoon on CFRA. It’s stupid to fear a coalition says that great font of wisdom Harris. “It’s constitutional” says he!
    My gawd he makes me want to puke. I wonder what his rating numbers are compared to Steve Madely and Lowell Green?

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