NDP threatens business boycott over election sign

The NDP is always spouting off about free speech and democratic principles but as anyone who has been on the receiving end of their vitriol attacks can attest, they have one rule for themselves and a whole other set for everyone else.

Dave Rutherford reports on a threat by NDP operative Joel French to boycott the business Rentex because of Conservative signs on their properties.

French was listed as the University of Alberta NDP campus president in 2010

Joel French
President, U of A Campus NDP
Phone: 780-893-9379
E-mail: uofandp@gmail.com

so this isn’t some part-time/lowly volunteer that is frothing at the mouth trying to damage a legitimate business just because the CEO dares to take part in politics.

If you need further proof of his status in the NDP organization, check out the video of his Gaza flotilla rally above.

And what does the NDP’s Alberta campaign manager, Lou Arab say about this? Only that it was “over the top”.

Don’t expect the media to report on this as they are too busy sniffing out Conservative faux-scandals of-the-day like a Union rep saying an unnamed cleaning woman was paid cash to work at 24 Sussex (see here) and the continued dragging of an innocent young lady’s name through the mud (see here).

Update: Alberta Ardvark reminds us that Joel French was Pat Martin’s “university kid” who was involved in Linda Duncan’s office using parliamentary resources for NDP partisanship (see here)


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  1. Jen Says:

    $300MILLION ELECTION BY THE COALITION put on all little guys the words Layton constantly used as if we were jackasses like the msm, to REPEAT what was in the BUDGET-the very same same BUDGET that FLAHERTY worked on with all provinces, but, unfortunately, they (provinces) and canadians were voted down by the COALITION.
    It is the coalition that went against us. CANADIANS.

  2. Barncat Says:

    Just to clarify: I live in Edmonton Strathcona. These Rentex.ca buildings with super large cpc signs that are plunked on the lawns of these properties; we’re talking about many, many signs and all of them are a bit shy of being the size of billboards. All these signs are on a major arterial road in Edmonton (Whyte Ave).

    The renters living in those buildings didn’t have a choice, but now the owner of the buildings is using their residences to promote his personal political perspective.

    Honestly, it’s a dick move by the owner of that business. I don’t think that any person business should promote their personal political beliefs; it’s not fair to the other employees, and it’s off-putting to possible customers.

    Would you want to support a business that had NDP, Green or LPC signs in their windows and on their lawns? Doubtful, and I definitely wouldn’t blame you; I don’t think most people would.

    If Les likes the CPC so much, he should just plunk a lawnsign on his own front lawn where he lives, not somewhere where other people live, even if he owns it.

    Then again, I think that we should just do away with lawn signs in general… All of them, from all the parties, are so damn ugly!

  3. Ardvark Says:

    Small world. Joel French, or as Pat Martin called him a “university college kid” was also the fellow that sent out one of the emails that got Linda Duncan and her office in trouble.


    I should note it was not the French email that was the issue but the follow up from Duncan’s MP constituency office, using Parliamentary resources, that was the real issue in spite of how Pat Martin and the NDP spun it.

  4. Scott Says:

    I’m not an NDP member, but I’m familiar with student groups at the U of A. I think it’s a bit of a stretch to say that Joel is some high-level NDP official because he’s president of the NDP club on campus. Super-active volunteering and partisan cheer-leading doesn’t necessarily translate to power and influence in an actual political party’s operations.

  5. Texter Says:

    Is it true that the landlord in question had threatened his tenants in 2008 over opposition signs, in their residences, on his company’s property?

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