Prime Minister Jack Layton: How do you like sound of that?

For all those Liberal supporters in the media who have been either silent or supportive on Ignatieff’s little game of being untruthful about forming a coalition, what if Smiling Jack was to have more seats than the Liberals after May 2?

Because according to the latest Ipso Reid poll, that’s exactly what could happen (see here). Do they still think a coalition would a great idea?

Kind of makes you shudder don’t it?


Separation movement dying as Quebec leaves Bloc for NDP

A couple of stunning polls have put the NDP 1st in Quebec which would decimate the Bloc if these numbers were to hold up on election day.

I would gladly see any seats from the Bloc move to the NDP as not only would this help rid the country of the leech-like Separatists, it would help the Conservative movement in Quebec. Although I’m far from being a Quebec political expert, I can’t see any of the NDP gains coming from Con support and if anything, it may allow Con candidates to come up the middle in some ridings.

Regardless, this is great news for Canada as it looks like many Quebec Lefties have decided that they prefer their socialism without the added separatism.

Awesome! NDP’s Olivia Chow bares arms on “Skank TV”

You hear that sound? It’s the sound of the slap-down of Tasha Kheiriddin for her idiotic column (see here) bashing Sun News women for daring to dress a certain way.

Kheirddin not only heard from conservatives from this blog site, check out the comment section from her column. I have never seen a NP column writer get lambasted as badly as she has.

Sun News has done the smart thing by owning the moniker “Skank TV” bestowed on them by Macleans Luiza Savage and Chow does the right thing by going on the network sans sleeves in a show of support. (see here)

I doubt Savage had much of a conservative following to begin with but that certainly wasn’t the case with Kheirddin who damaged her “small c-conservative” credibility badly yesterday of which she might find very difficult to regain.

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