Awesome! NDP’s Olivia Chow bares arms on “Skank TV”

You hear that sound? It’s the sound of the slap-down of Tasha Kheiriddin for her idiotic column (see here) bashing Sun News women for daring to dress a certain way.

Kheirddin not only heard from conservatives from this blog site, check out the comment section from her column. I have never seen a NP column writer get lambasted as badly as she has.

Sun News has done the smart thing by owning the moniker “Skank TV” bestowed on them by Macleans Luiza Savage and Chow does the right thing by going on the network sans sleeves in a show of support. (see here)

I doubt Savage had much of a conservative following to begin with but that certainly wasn’t the case with Kheirddin who damaged her “small c-conservative” credibility badly yesterday of which she might find very difficult to regain.


12 Responses to “Awesome! NDP’s Olivia Chow bares arms on “Skank TV””

  1. wilson Says:

    Ms Tasha has become just another Liberal voice on CBC.
    Shame on her.
    At least Savage apologized,
    TK…. nothing.
    To me, there is no forgiving TK, she didn’t just tweet something stupid in a thoughtless moment,
    she wrote and entire column bashing Conservative women.

  2. Paul Says:

    Never heard of her.

  3. Dick Mercer Says:

    Rick Mercer is a liberal loving misogynist. Why is this not getting any more play than here? Read his tweet.

  4. Chris Says:

    Too late for the appology Mizz Savage. I read the tweet. I know what you think… and I still will never buy a Mcleans Magazine. Unless, of course, I need some paper to line the bottom of the bird cage, which will put your writing with the rest of the crap.

  5. Agent Smith Says:

    I’m no fan of the NDP by a long shot – but kudos to Olivia Chow big time.

  6. Cat scratch fever… — Says:

    […] NDP’s Olivia Chow bears her arms for Skank TV! I don’t like her politics, but way to go Ms […]

  7. Craig Smith Says:

    Jack seems to be doing all the right things. I hate the NDP – but as a matter of principle I would rather him lead a coalition than the unprincipled Ignatieff.

  8. Ontario Girl Says:

    Olivia was just copying Laureen Harper from Yesterday. Olivias dress was almost identical….lolol Wanna be?

  9. Nicola Says:

    Sorry, I agree with her. Why do the women have to dress that way. They are supposed be serious journalists.

    Anyway I think it was Michelle Obama who started all this focus on the arms.

    • Greyhair Says:

      Let’s see. I would suspect that the content of a article or discussion would qualify a journalist as being serious or not; not particularly the way they dress. For instance, so called female journalists on the CBC dress very nicely, yet babble on incoherently.

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