Prime Minister Jack Layton: How do you like sound of that?

For all those Liberal supporters in the media who have been either silent or supportive on Ignatieff’s little game of being untruthful about forming a coalition, what if Smiling Jack was to have more seats than the Liberals after May 2?

Because according to the latest Ipso Reid poll, that’s exactly what could happen (see here). Do they still think a coalition would a great idea?

Kind of makes you shudder don’t it?


23 Responses to “Prime Minister Jack Layton: How do you like sound of that?”

  1. L Says:

    Libby Davies in a cabinet post makes me shutter even more!

  2. robins111 Says:

    You know, the first time Jacko states, “a vote for the liberal party is a vote for the conservatives’ I’m going to wet my pants laughing.

  3. skuleman Says:

    Could this be the birth of the New Liberal Democratic Party?

  4. Roy Says:

    actually your wrong the last epsos read poll has the cons 19 points ahead if you scroll down on blogging tories you will see that that is in majority territory that is over 155 seats so I don’t think the coalition will happen I do however would like to see a ndp liberal vote split

  5. JDot Says:

    Jack as leader of the opps, with a Harper majority, cool…

    Jack as PM, well this Gif sums up my reaction..

  6. Bec Says:

    He wasn’t/isn’t (continues his crap, still) just untruthful about that wee little coalition detail, he has dramatically exaggerated so much more, tossed softballs throughout and then when finally challenged, showed his true angry conceited nature.
    The media covering his butt, have been enabling a very poorly informed leader that is an arrogant bully.

    He has walked around this country acting as though he knows so much more than those of us that have watched and participated in it all and the media treated him as though that were perfectly acceptable. It was not!
    They have overplayed their hand with Ignatieff and treated Canadians with almost no respect while doing it.

    • Fay Says:

      That is exactly the feeling I have about this whole charade by Iggy and the National press gallery enablers.
      This is the true contempt!

  7. Raymond Says:

    If the Liberals get less seats than the NDP, we won’t see a Liberal Democratic Party anytime soon. The Libs haven’t even gotten used to the idea that they are not the gov’t after 5 years. Just imagine how long it will take before they get used to being the turd party (as Jean Cretien used to call the Reform party). They’ll still think they should be top dog in any merger.

  8. cantuc Says:

    I think Iggy took a gamble , or maybe he just thought he’d lecture us about democracy , but he was trying to give the co-alition legitamacy by telling us that it was constitutionally legal and he was going to do it if Harper never got a majority .. He figured if he warned us and Stephen Harper still got a minority it was ok to do his take-over because had he told us he was going to do it . I think it may have backfired.
    His trick of saying ” right ” after every time he tries to make a point is wearing thin . He says ” right ” and then you’re supposed to accept it like it’s a proven fact . “

    • BC Blue Says:

      You noticed that habit of ending with “right” also huh? I take it as a sign when somebody does it as indecision and lack of conviction

      • cantuc Says:

        It is sometimes but its also a trick used to manipulate you into thinking you belong , or agree . I’ve had it tried on me by people trying to change my outlook or my mind . didn’t work.

  9. Raymond Says:

    BTW, these poll results will give the strategic voters the worst case of mental constipation ever!

  10. ohboy Says:

    ‘Could this be the birth of the New Liberal Democratic Party?’
    skuleman@4:42 PM

    Well that shouldn’t be a problem for Iffy…after all he DID say he was a Democrat and would vote for Kerry.

    My opinion is that should this play out to Jack’s liking he might like to twist the knife a little and erase the ‘ Liberal’ moniker totally…
    …something like the New and Improved Democrat Party (NIPD)…the Libs get nipped! LOL

    Of course I still not too sure where Bob Rae comes in to all this.
    Bob’s far from stupid and slippery besides!

  11. Blame Crash Says:

    Not even for one second do I like Layton and his ilk.

    But I would like to see him lay a thumping on the Count because if such a thing were to happen, it would also represent a huge and humiliating defeat of the media frauds.

    A double defeat like this would make for the sweetest of icing!

  12. Hoarfrost Says:

    How many Blue Liberals are there that would defect to the modern Conservatives?

  13. ken Says:

    If that’s what it takes to stop more tax breaks for the big banks and big oil companies, then I am all for it.

  14. Norm Says:

    I personally hope 4 million divided up into 308 equal parts:)

  15. billg Says:

    I’d like Layton to be PM for one day just to see how his meetings with the Canadian Taxpayers Foundation go, or, his meeting with Canadian CEO rep John Manley and Manley explaining to him where the big tax bucks come from, or the Immigration meeting where the facts are layed on his big PM’s desk that he can deliver better health care bucks to the provinces but he’s gotta ship out half a million new immigrants to afford it. Ya…things I’d like to see.

  16. Liz J Says:

    Jack Layton for PM would be dandy if bankruptcy is the aim.

    Ditto Ignatieff. You don’t tax to death the engines that drive the economy and provide jobs.

  17. ridha Says:

    i think what ignateff is doing is not right

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