Lib Dosanjh claiming Con Young campaigning with Air India bombing suspect

The media is jumping all over a complaint filed by Liberal Ujjal Dosanjh about the Conservative candidate Wai Young getting an endorsement from Ripudaman Singh Malik who was acquitted in the Air India bombing court case.

Canadian Press, CBC and the Vancouver Sun have all run their own stories on it but what I find odd is that no one has apparently talked to Young (note: these stories linked have been altered since) and the only comment from the Conservative Party came from National Campaign Chairman Guy Giorno who Tweeted this:

Update: Wai Young has released a statement and it looks like the media ran the story without getting her side of it

“I was invited to visit the Khalsa School by the school’s Principal, not Ripudaman Singh Malik. Had I known he would have been present or was involved with the school I never would have attended. No one involved with this school or Ripudaman Singh Malik is involved in my campaign nor have I ever asked for his support. I strongly stand against terrorism and support the strong leadership by Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his government to fight terrorism.

“Throughout my campaign, I have met with as many constituents as possible so they can meet and learn about me in order to make an informed choice in this election. The Khalsa School was one of several schools which I toured and spoke at, both private and public. These have been excellent opportunities for the students and parents to engage in the democratic process and to learn more about myself, as the Candidate for the Conservative Party in Vancouver South.”

Post’s Kay follows up Sun News women bash calling them “bimbos”

Jonathan Kay of the National Post just made things much worse for the loss of credibility of this once great newspaper which Tasha Kheiriddin started by trashing the Sun News women (see here).

I’m not sure what has gotten into the thought patterns of the Post’s editorial staff but it sure doesn’t bode well if it’s looking to keep its conservative core buying subscriptions.

Media only thinks others using “crosshairs” in politics bad

You’ll remember the US media uproar over the Sarah Palin map which had crosshairs over “targeted” Democrats including US Representative Gabrielle Gifford who was shot along with 19 others by a psycho. The Canadian media quickly followed their US counterparts ie Star, Gazette and Globe by associating that map with the shootings.

Shortly afterwards, the consensus in the media was that a lowering of hubris was needed:

Keith Olbermann – “Violence, or the threat of violence, has no place in our Democracy, and I apologize for and repudiate any act or any thing in my past that may have even inadvertently encouraged violence.”

Jon Stewart – “For all the hyperbole and vitriol that’s become a part of our political process—when the reality of that rhetoric, when actions match the disturbing nature of words, we haven’t lost our capacity to be horrified. … Maybe it helps us to remember to match our rhetoric with reality more often.”

It’s not like the Canadian media forgot about their disgust and Palin association as shown when Liberal Ryan Keon made political hay when his signs were spray painted (see here).

Just don’t ask why this is OK:

Globe and Mail “Jackomania in Quebec puts Layton in opponents crosshairs”

Media’s Conservative faux-scandals of the day

It was amusing to watch the media such as the CBC’s The National lead-off with stories about abortion and bribery while burying the NDP overtaking the Liberals in the latest polls.

Abortion –  Con MP Brad Trost is recorded talking to an anti-abortion group about the de-funding of Planned Parenthood which hasn’t actually happened.

Not cool for Trost to be pandering this way and I’ve never been a fan of one-issue candidates but this is far from “the hidden abortion” agenda that the media and Liberals are screaming about.

Bribery – Two business men are recorded in a phone conversation using Harper’s spokesman Dimitri Soudas and Senator Leo Housakos pretending to have access to the PM.

Not a shred of evidence shows that they were helped in any way but of course Gilles Duceppe and Michael Ignatieff don’t let that get in the way of their slagging. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a lawsuit or 2 after the election.

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