There may be no I in team but there’s a ME in media

To all those in the Ottawa Press Gallery who believe that they are the story, this song is for you.


3rd Liberal MP caught in rent expense scam

Wayne “Doorknobs” Easter is the latest Liberal MP to have been caught scamming taxpayers by filing for reimbursement of illegal rental expenses.

Easter claimed expenses on a secondary residence of which he falsely said he owned:

“It was an honest mistake and I met with the Board of Internal Economy, and it was paid.”

Easter joins Judy Sgro and John Cannis (see here) as the latest Liberal found feathering his nest in this previously hidden scheme. (see here)

CBC’s Milewski intentionally mislead Air India bomber suspect “support” story?

My Liberal media bias antennae went off late last night when I ran across 3 stories on Liberal Ujjal Dosanjh’s claim that Conservative candidate Wai Young was being supported by an Air India bombing suspect (see here).

All 3 made me suspicious because none included a comment from Young or any indication that Young was even contacted but the story from CBC’s Terry Milewski really had my antennae singing.

The stories from CP and Van Sun pretty much just regurgitated Dosanjh’s press release which is a shady but defensible practice but Milewski took his piece quite further by editorializing:

“The endorsement of a man like Ripudaman Singh Malik is something most politicians would run away from as fast as they can.”

Since then, I have repeated asked Milewski if he contacted Young prior to writing this story and unsurprisingly no response nor has his story been updated to include Young’s statement as the CP and Van Sun have done.

I noticed this morning that Milewski had the nerve to ask Harper about this and was “shouted down” by Conservative supporters.

These people are obviously fed up with Milewski’s style and see his reporting as unethical but now they have given him and his Ottawa Press cohorts another angle to attack Harper on (see here).

Also: See when Milewski was caught being dishonest on telling of Chretien/APEC story here

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