Green Party worker: Liberal Volpe’s handler stealing flyers

Joe Volpe may have finally sunk his 9-lives political career if the media does its job and actually reports what looks very damningly like Volpe’s handler pre-setting door-knocking by replacing Green flyers with Liberal ones.

Small Dead Animals is taking up the cause to get this story out (see here) as it looks like the media chose to look the other way.

A quick look at the Twitter account of the person who took the pics, shows that she sent it yesterday to a litany of Ottawa Press members:

Macleans’ Scott Feshuck

Macleans’ Rick Mercer

Macleans’ Andrew Coyne

CBC’s Kady O’Malley

Update: I just received a message from this person who confirms that she has not had a reply from anyone in the media so far


Iggy’s quotes from Globe editorial board meeting are a hoot

I was giddy with excitement in anticipation of this morning and no, not because of the Easter Bunny, but instead doe to Michael Ignatieff’s sit-down with the Globe and Mail’s editorial staff.

The sense of dread which Liberal partisans must have every time Iggy opens his mouth is pure gold to us Conservative supporters.

I’ve given Harper a personal report on BC politics in his Parliamentary office as well as had one-on-one chats with him on a few other occasions and what I was left with every time is that I conversed with a guy who really knows what the heck he is talking about.

Harper’s comprehension levels are off the chart as he has an unbelievable ability of absorbing info and intelligently responding like no one I have ever met. This comes from a guy who has spent his entire adult life not only thinking about policy and issues but by being the person developing them. I would challenge anyone to name another political leader who has been so deeply involved in this non-glory grind side of politics.

I give this background as a direct comparison to Iggy as he is considered a World-class intellect but may be one of the dumbest political leaders Canada has ever seen proven almost daily from what comes out of his mouth.

This then brings me back to his Globe editorial board meeting and these quotes from it:

 “I go into the final week with a sense of serene optimism.”

– “We’re in this election because of contempt”. People are still angry about this”

– “What has made this country go is equality of opportunity.”

– “6 per cent is the ticket of entry” to reform. But “we need more health, not more health care”

– “Bottom line is, people want their vote to count. But at the moment ‘I cling to nurse in the fear of something worse'”

“referendums are funny beasts”

“PM needs to set a better tone. Needs to have monthly meetings with other party leaders”

“I was never accountable the way I am now, I was a journalist”

“I took democracy on the road.” Ignatieff thinks he got balance between attendance and non-attendance

– “It’s my country. It’s my country. I’ve seen what it’s like to not belong”

“choose hope over fear. Choose a govt that puts equality of opportunity first”

– The passion of comes from building the kind of  Canada he saw in 1940s-1970s, he says: “recreating equality of opportunity”

As Kenny Bania told Jerry Seinfeld “That’s gold, Jerry! Gold!”

Video: Iggy gets boo’ed at OHL hockey game

Sun News reports Michael Ignatieff getting soundly boo’ed at the OHL hockey game he attended.

Bloggers and others on Twitter were wondering why no one from Iggy’s media tour bus had mentioned this last night as there was plenty of corroboration of it happening confirmed of course by this video. Makes you wonder no?

Update: Tweet by CBC’s Kady O’Malley:

“Alright, sounds like CTV was handling pool coverage for last night’s Ignatieff event at the hockey game.”
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