Video: Iggy caught telling lie about Balkan experience

Oh oh…that bad habit of not keeping his stories straight just came back and bit Michael Ignatieff again.

The National Post has found (see here) a very big difference between a story Iggy was telling in his 1994 book and the version he recited during his Iggymercial which ran Sunday. The Balkan story starts at 24:40 mark in above video.

Check out the other lies Iggy has been caught on here, here, here, here, here, here, and here

Liberals caught keeping staff on gov’t payroll for election?

Mark Dunn From QMI has a very interesting story about tracking down 2,000 meals being sent the building which houses the Liberals research bureau.

The Liberals were asked if they were “renting space outside the allotment from the House of Commons for parliamentary duties on Queen St. for election purposes” which is a violation of the Elections Act.

Liberal spokesman Marc Roy:

“Skeleton crew there working long hours so meals were provided. “Something that is done outside writ period when things are extremely busy.”

That’s sure a lot of meals for a “skeleton crew”. (see here)

BC NDP leader out door-knocking for Layton

Normally it wouldn’t be that big of deal for one NDP leader to stump for another as of the 3 main federal parties, the NDP are the only ones with direct links between the provincial and federal wings but you’d think newly crowned Adrian Dix might have better things to do (see here).

Things such as campaigning for his candidate in the upcoming by-election in Vancouver Point-Grey where Liberal leader Christy Clark is running.

Or if Dix can’t be bothered with supporting his candidate there, maybe by getting ready for the opening of the Legislature on Wednesday? (see here)

I’m pretty sure BC’ers will have a problem with Dix’s priorities.

Lib Volpe handler caught stealing flyers has “quit”

In an email (see here) to CBC’s Kady O’Malley, Liberal Joe Volpe has this to say about his handler getting caught stealing and then replacing Green Party flyers with Liberal ones (see here) just as Volpe knocks on doors:

Hi Kady: 

I do not engage in or condone this type of campaign behavior. When this issue about the canvasser was brought to my attention by the Green Party candidate, in deference to his concern and to the hard work of my own campaign, the canvasser was released by the campaign. 

 Joe Volpe

Update: The Globe and Mail has now picked up this story here

Update: The Green Party worker who took pics says she confronted Volpe:

“I confronted JV on my way out after taking pix. I then informed my EDA prez. Elections Canada just got back to us”

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