Media thinks family dirt is fair game when attacking Con candidate

I’m trying to figure out if it’s a media hate-on for Conservative candidate Wai Young or a love-fest for Liberal Ujall Dosanjh? More likely it’s a combination of both.

How else do you explain such despicable reporting of family matters like Michael Smith of the The Province did in his column (see here) today? For the life of me, I can’t see how it is ethical for a journalist to use quotes to damage Young from estranged family members who are suing her over their dead father’s estate.

“Since our sister Wai Young began campaigning as a candidate in the upcoming federal election, we have been asked why we have not been present at events or showing support for her in other ways,” Siu said in a statement.

“It is with a heavy heart that we would like to simply state that none of us will vote for Wai Young and do not wish to be involved with her.”

It’s bad enough for Smyth to drag this into the gutter with this family angle but he goes further by getting a vile quote from Dosanjh:

“compromise her principles enough” to associate with Air India suspect Malik, “and yet she does not have the ability to reconcile with her own family.”

Of course Smyth doesn’t bother including that, as reported in the Vancouver Sun, Malik is endorsing 2 of Dosanjh’s Liberal colleagues:

“Malik also told the Sher-E-Punjab host that his group is supporting Liberal candidates in Surrey: Sukh Dhaliwal for Newton-North Delta, and Shinder Purewal in Surrey North.”

Seriously, what is next? Is it OK now to get quotes from ex-wives and husbands during a child custody case and publish disputed divorce court documents?

I love how the media demand that politicians raise the level of debate and don’t get me started on the whining about having more female candidates running.

Who would be willing to put their name forward if this is what is to be expected?

Note: Picture above is of Vancouver mayor Gregor Robertson, NDP MLA Mable Elmore and Malik at the same school Young was at. For a run-down on how the differently the media have treated Robertson and Young on this see here

Also: The CBC has also jumped into the muck with Smyth here


CBC’s Milewski left out Air India suspect’s support of Liberals

I ran across an interesting Tweet from the Conservative National Campaign Chair Guy Giorno who accuses the CBC’s Terry Milewski of intentionally omitting that Air India suspect Ripudaman Singh Malik was endorsing 2 Liberal candidates (see here) from his smear story on Conservative candidate Wai Young.

“The endorsement of a man like Ripudaman Singh Malik is something most politicians would run away from as fast as they can.” (see here)

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