CBC’s Milewski left out Air India suspect’s support of Liberals

I ran across an interesting Tweet from the Conservative National Campaign Chair Guy Giorno who accuses the CBC’s Terry Milewski of intentionally omitting that Air India suspect Ripudaman Singh Malik was endorsing 2 Liberal candidates (see here) from his smear story on Conservative candidate Wai Young.

“The endorsement of a man like Ripudaman Singh Malik is something most politicians would run away from as fast as they can.” (see here)

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  1. Barbara Says:

    Terry Milewski is the worst journalist I have ever had the misfortune of being forced to pay for. He is rude, obnoxious and arrogant. Canada’s “journalists” are some of the worst and all cover for one another. Please read http://blackrod.blogspot.com/

  2. Ontario Girl Says:

    A reporter asked Ignatieff about Malin supporting two Liberal candidates….he said he has great respect for the Sikh people…and a bunch of gooblegab followed. Standing beside him was Dosanjh who was silent. Where’s his OUTRAGE now? I think this was a set up by a drowning Dosanjh to have Malik at that school, so he could trash her. After all, we now see that Malik is really a LIBERAL. More Liberal rot shining through.
    Nothing on Joe Volpe on the news either. When its Liberals its covered up by the rat pack media.

  3. Ontario Girl Says:

    Saw a repeat of the reporters question…She asked..”Do you endorse or reject it”? Ignatives answer…”It’s who speaks for the sikh. I am proud of the sikh origin in my party. I am willing to have support of anyone who supports human rights and the community have turned their back on him.” That was it. Over. Then the reporter asked another question.

    • Jen Says:

      What do you expect Mileswki to say or question the coalition on. LIbby Davies supports Hamas, and Mileswki says nothing.

      Remember, the NDP, BLOC AND LIBERAL COALITION called our troops ‘ war criminals’ and the msm said nothing for our troops which means, that they also support the coalition’s view of our troops- in fact, all three parties support the taliban detainees over our soldiers and Afghan women who suffered and died in the hands of the Taliban.

  4. james Says:

    Unbelievable! I was there in Victoria when Terry asked his question (about Malik to the PM) the day after he was booed. Let’s just say he looked rather pissed. I think Terry just keeps trying to score process stories on Harper and that’s been his goal all election. He’s probably been told by his producers to do this too.

  5. james Says:

    I just read the blackrod account of the Mississauga terry “incident” and it closely matches the Victoria one really. Terry didn’t ask a full speech question and the PM answered in English then French before we all clapped. Terry was trying to shout out a follow up while we clapped but it was after the clapping started and his mic was already pulled away since everyone thought he was done.

    The PM was asked another speech/preach question about how being PM means you have “lots of power and lots of responsibility” a la spiderman’s dad. Same deal there after the question was answered people clapped.

  6. Ontario Girl Says:

    No video out yet or report anywhere. Just saw this on CPAC and nothing on their site either. I can’t believe Dosanjh just stood there and said nothing after all those newscasts of him all week. He looked so GUILTY. Wonder if this will be on the National showing pics of Malik and making it look so sinister against the innocent, set up, Conservative girl?The shoe is on the other foot now with TWO Liberals…over to you Mildewski…

    • Jen Says:

      I don’t think that Milewski like the dumb media know what they are getting themselves into by advocating for a coalition parties that WILL break up this nation.

  7. Enkidu Says:

    Typical CBC journolistism. He doesn’t report the news, he distorts the news and tries to manipulate public opinion.

  8. Sean M Says:

    Poor, pathetic, taxpayer funded, Liberal “reporter” Trench-coat Terry Meloowski… Trench-coat Terry’s impotence and “Harper” hating derangement syndrome has seemingly infected his brain like some unheard of, and untreated venereal disease. Such a hateful, petty, unscrupulous little man. Extorting our money to pay for such an unhinged, deranged, pathological liar like trench-coat Terry is the ultimate insult.

  9. South Vancouver Says:

    Imagine checking your mail and finding a flyer for conservitive Wai Young in consort with a scathing set of excerpts featuring T. Melewski and Vancouver Sun’s K.Bolan
    on a 5X6 “2 sided card hidden in Conservative colors. It goes on to suggest that she is willing to endorse terrorism & political violence as a principle in exchange for votes. On the back side of the card it states Real Leaders “using conservative colors” stand on principle. Then “Choose Intergrity”. At the very bottom in the smallest of fonts it reads ” Authorized by the Official Agent for Ujjal Dosanjh”
    Disgusting trickery unworthy of any MP, 25% of vancouvers seniors live in this riding. Why hide behind an other party’s colors, let alone the terrorist stuff … Ujjal its time for the back 40.

  10. Will CBC’s Milewski & Ujjal Dosanjh now say Liberals support terrorist? « BC Blue: One BC Conservative's view on it all… Says:

    […] and accused me of “rooting for Malik” after I wrote about the lawsuit as well as his omission that Malik was endorsing two Liberal […]

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