Liberal candidate says Con is “running his campaign like Indian politician”

Another Liberal candidate has been outed for a racist comment. At the beginning of the campaign, well-known racist Andre Forbes was dismissed by Iggy after his earlier anti-native comments were republished (see here) and now we have this from Calgary Northeast Liberal candidate Cam Stewart:

“Devinder Shory (Con candidate) is running his campaign like Indian Politician’s (sic) do, intimidating and threatening opponent candidate’s volunteers and supporters. This behaviour is not acceptable in our civilized democracy” 

Whoa…wonder how that will play out in those Asian communities where the Liberals so badly want that vote? Maybe we can get a response from Ujjal? (see here)

Iggy: Don’t smoke Devil’s weed, have nice glass Chardonnay instead

Who does Ignatieff think this message of telling kids not to smoke dope but do have a glass of wine with dinner resonates with besides his upper-class Toronto neighbours?


“I have smoked pot as a young man, yes. “It did not ruin my life. I just think there are a lot more important and interesting things to do with your life, including a glass of wine after dinner, eh? (see here)

How could Iggy have not had a better answer ready for such an obvious campaign question?

Iggy steps into Liberal/NDP merger mess

Michael Ignatieff’s political tone deafness was once again on display when he was asked about the possible merger of the Liberals and NDP:

“It’s very clear to me is that what is happening in the country is that two-thirds of the country wants to get rid of Stephen Harper and so we will await the result of the people.”

“We have certain values that we have always shared and we’ve shared for 60 years” 

Contrast that to what the NDP spokesman Karl Belanger says on the subject:

“Our focus right now is on the election and giving Canadians a choice. That’s what our focus will remain right through Election Day”

This was seriously a no-brainer for Iggy to answer and I’m sure that the Liberals are right now fanning out trying to put out this latest fire caused by him. (see here)

Smilin’ Jack blames no fixed election dates for vacationing NDP candidates

You gotta hand it to Jack Layton…only he could vote to bring down a minority government and then blame a lack of a fixed election date (which Canada does have with Bill C-16) on why his ghost NDP candidates are nowhere to be found or laying on a beach on vacation.

Notice of course that the Canadian Press and the Star don’t challenge Smilin’ Jack on these contradictions and mis-truths. (see here, and here)

It is nice to finally see some scrutiny of NDP candidates but too bad it’s only because the media is now trying to resuscitate the moribund Liberal campaign.

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