Iggy: “They [Conservatives] can go to hell”

In his newspaper editorial meeting with the Star, Michael Ignatieff is quoted “slamming his fist on the table” same as he did at the Globe and Mail where he “pounded the table” and gave us all some great lines (see here).

Besides the “go to hell” quote, Iggy had some more gems to leave behind for the Star’s editorial staff:

– “I have spent my whole life dealing with bullies. Some of them had guns”

– “What the crowd is giving me is, they’re fed up. ‘We’re fed up of being manipulated, bullied, intimidated, lied to.’ It’s very strong out there”

– “The Liberal Party is going to show up and vote Liberal on Monday”

– “My firm belief is that my base is back and my base will vote on the 2nd of May”

– “But look at the trouble he’s [Harper] in. It’s not going so well for him either.”

“is you don’t believe what the American tells you.”

“You go into a room with the Americans, they have their sources of information and you had better be damn sure you have your own. You better be darn sure you don’t let yourself be persuaded by bad evidence.”

Oh Iggy, you’re gonna be missed…(see here)


15 Responses to “Iggy: “They [Conservatives] can go to hell””

  1. james Says:

    Rosemary Barton on twitter:
    Some of these teens are asking better questions than me. #elxn41

    Someone is finally starting to come to their senses a little too late.

  2. Mary T Says:

    So, Iggy has basically told all of us who vote conservative to go to hell. And he wants us to switch our vote.
    Bet he wishes he could have a do over re the vote of no confidence he moved, that brought down the govt.
    Little did he expect it would bring him down.

  3. fernstalbert Says:

    PM Harper is in trouble – sorry Ignatieff that is you whistling past the graveyard of Liberal fantasy. The Conservatives will stick this out, whereas your base ran to Jack. Where is valium – you need a double dose. Cheers.

  4. Jen Says:

    No Ignatieff, you go to Hell for causing an election which no one wanted and for being in bed with a socialist ndp and marxist duceppe both of who are unionists that will can destroy our nation.
    BTW, Layton is restricting reporters to certain amount of questions.

  5. Paul Says:

    People are asking better questions then Rosemary Barton?
    It may be a revelation to her, but not to those of us who pay attention.

  6. Fay Says:

    Canadians know that Rosemary barton is a waste of tax dollars.

  7. Foxtrot Bravo Says:

    In my opinion, the “just visiting” ads that the CPC ran against Ignatieff were really tame. Besides everything else, he’s a whimp. I wonder if he’s going to cry next Monday.

  8. Jen Says:

    Layton bloc and libs and the msm are playing a ‘very very dangerous’ game with our country. Our economy will plunge, the msm might look to it as good news. What then Maryt,
    I place full responsibility on the MSM for avoiding asking layton very tough questions.
    Trudeau left canada with 200+BILLION DEBT.
    200BILLION Mary T, and the media are bitching about PM Harper.

    Bottom Line Mary T, The MSM are responsible for creating this mess and therefore will live by it to regret it but so cold are they I will not be surprise they don’t.
    Only a handful of reporters care for canada to stand with her and her success.

  9. Mary T Says:

    I agree 100% that the msm is responsible for the mess we might wake up to May 3rd. And they will pay for it big time with lost ad revenue, lost readers, lost subscriptions.
    I already avoid any product sold by their advertisers if possible.

  10. Ontario Girl Says:

    Layton in Yellowknife is a changed guy. When he has a tough question, he can’t answer and goes off like Iggy on an Ignatieff ramble. He starts telling stories and just wants to slam Harper so he doesn’t have to answer anything. Layton needs to be nailed on some facts. Time is running out here and he is trying to hoodwink the voters.

    • Jen Says:

      Layton treats the reporters like dumb asses (which many of them are). Also he belongs to the most corrupt liberal party and of course marxist duceppe therefore, if those dumb asses (reporters) can swallow the liberals corruption why not Layton and his wild down spiral economical desaster.

  11. Dirt Says:

    MSM is run by large corporations, if Jacko get’s in the PM’s chair there goes their corporate tax cuts and all those lovely government perks via Heritage Canada. If the Markets tank, and they will, MSM corporate headquarters have the most to lose. The conservative party needs to inform pensioners that Jack’s plan will put their market based pensions in great peril if not complete ruin. Jack opines he’s all for better pensions, how by destroying our markets via cap and trade and causing gas and oil prices to go skyward. How many seniors will lose most of their pensions and will they be able to afford heat if Jack wins the answer is NO. Get the message out, a vote for the NDP is a vote for a unstable penions and soaring oil and gas prices.

  12. james Says:

    Most of the NDP platform is contradictory. Just look at the nonsense about farming and food prices. They want more supply management AND lower food prices. You get one or the other. Add in a bunch of locovore claptrap about “food security” whatever the hell that is and you’ve got a great way to add to the already spiraling food costs. Never mind gas prices and taxes. This is complete insanity at this point. It gets better though. In toronto apparently people are now moving to iggy from the cpc.

  13. NO QUARTER Says:

    Iggy, YOU go to hell. Take that smarmy smirking Layton prick with you. Go back to Harvard and continue destroying young minds. *******.

  14. nick kumchy Says:

    for a first time run in a federal election for the position of prime minister iggy is a relative novice who is prone to emotional outbreaks when he doesn’t get his own waywhile this may play well in an ivory tower this type of nonsense has no place in an individual charged with the running of a country give the position to the person who has EARNED it STEPHEN HARPER

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