Layton won’t answer media questions in Edmonton

Jack Layton likes having one set of rules about openness for himself and another for others when it comes to media availability and “bubble” campaigns.

Layton on Harper:

“This is a prime minister who wants to control everything”

But as CTV Edmonton reports, Layton has for the 2nd time refused to talk with the local media (see here) because of his tar sands bashing in other parts of the country.

Now, if anyone can point me toward an article from the Ottawa Press Gallery that has reported on Layton’s bubble-boy act please be so kind and forward it.


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  1. Michael Harkov Says:

    No, but THIS is what happens when Layton is talking to the media. No wonder he is trying to avoid them now –

    Remember when Layton took Ignatieff to task for missing Parliament and that if you want a promotion you have to actiually show up to do the job? Well, todaysome reporters just threw that right back in his face about his MIA candidates and pylon candidates. It is about time someone starts getting tought with this weasel.

  2. Michael Harkov Says:


    MEDIA: “I’m sorry. Mr. Layton? No. I need you to answer that question in a real way. This is a woman who is applying for a job. That is what she is doing here in this election campaign and she has made a decision – as have a number of other candidates – not to show up for parts of the job interview. You made an allegation to Mr. Ignatieff, during the debate, about being absent from work and now you’re putting up candidates who are absent for a job interview. How is that acceptable to you and to Canadians?”

    Layton: “I’m extremely proud of our team. This is a hard-working group of people from all backgrounds. Some of them had family plans that couldn’t be changed and I think a lot of Canadians are going to understand that can happen.”

    MEDIA: “So then missing a job interview—

    LAYTON: “I’ll let you interrupt me as often as you want, but I’ll try to answer as best I can.”

    MEDIA: “But you’re not answering the question. That’s why I’m interrupting you.”

    LAYTON: “I’m going to try.”

    MEDIA: “That’s why I’m interrupting you.”

    LAYTON: “Okay fine. So my view is that people are doing their best to represent the views that we have and are putting forward to Canadians and Canadians have a choice when they go into vote on that ballot, it’s a question of whether they want to vote for change or they want to vote for the same old thing that they’ve had in the past.”

    Barton: “Or for someone who doesn’t show up for their job interview.”

    Layton: “Here’s a person who had some family plans that couldn’t be changed. That happens in life. I’m very proud of our team. It’s a hard-working team that is ready to serve.”

    Another reporter tried again.

    MEDIA: “Mr. Layton, my entire family is on a beach right now while I am here covering the election. At least one of the candidates could do the same thing. I am skipping my vacation to be here with you and cover this important national event. Why can’t your candidates do the same thing?”


  3. Alain Says:

    Actually having a different set of rules for oneself as opposed to what is demanded of others is very, very typical of all socialists. I include as socialists, the hard-core enviro wackos, big unions, and just about every agenda-driven group. Layton has always tried to pass himself off as the common working man, but his track record gives it all the lie.

  4. Paul Says:

    Hahahaha…like that will happen

  5. james Says:

    Also apparently it’s come out that he uses a teleprompter and it was missing at a rally today. Well that’s news to me but Rosie Barton insists oh no she’s mentioned it all along.

  6. Alberta Girl Says:

    Following Rosie Barton on twitter has proved to me that she is an aurhead…her comment yesterday…wow, Edmonton is a really big city??? She obviously is NDP and seems quite smitten by Jack.

  7. Bec Says:

    Those Quebeckers have been lied to so much, they don’t recognize a good liar and a crappy liar anymore. Jack is lying to them, he is lying to Canadians when he won’t say the same thing in Alberta (he won’t say anything) that he does say in Quebec.

    That’s chicken **** politics Jack and say what you will and do about the Prime Minister but he has always been honest with Quebeckers. They may not like it but he tells then the truth! You on the otherhand, tell none of us the truth!

  8. Exweb Says:

    This Bubble Boy act is getting some play here on 660 News here in Calgary. They reported on Mr. Layton using “tar sands” in other provinces and “oil sands” while here in Alberta. 660 has been Mr. Ignatieff’s biggest defender this campaign so it is not surprising they are actually reporting this story.

  9. L Says:

    Can you imagine the May 3 chaos if Smiling Jack and Basket-case Iggy attempt a take-over?? Sell stocks!!!

    • wilson Says:

      And Quebecers will be the most surprised when their newly elected NDP MPs have nose piercings and purple striped hair, if they bother to show up for work.

  10. John Williams Says:

    Get used to hearing this next Tuesday:


    • Jen Says:

      NDP POLICY ACT by Ezra Levant- A must see.

    • Exurban Says:

      I loathed and despised the Soviet Union and everything it stood for … but man that is a great anthem, as good as anything else used by the other 196 nations (or however many there are these days). Stirring and musical, suitable for solo voice or choir, large or small orchestras — just a rotten shame it was the trademark of a horrible tyranny.

  11. James Says:

    I agree Rosie Barton has got to be the worst journalist out there this election. I saw that edmonton traffic jam tweet too and laughed out loud. What a complete air head. Her and @kady are a couple of rubes.

  12. Hoarfrost Says:

    Jack Layton was a socialist councillor in Toronto that everyone knew as a media hound. If you want to vote into Toronto socialism then vote in Layton. There is a very good reason that the Toronto municipal elections went to the right. The Layton clones have finally been outed. The city is deeply indebt because of Layton and his infamous entourage. It will take a long long time to get the city out of the debt for which Layton and his buddies are responsible. That bunch has no idea who pays for their lunch. I’ll include Bob Rae and his appeasers in that appraisal.

  13. Garfield Says:

    L @ 10:54
    If Jacko wins, will there be a need for Insite on the Hill?

  14. Alberta Girl Says:

    “I agree Rosie Barton has got to be the worst journalist out there this election. I saw that edmonton traffic jam tweet too and laughed out loud. What a complete air head. Her and @kady are a couple of rubes”

    Quite the sctick alot of those journalists have – they seem to tweet 24/7 – I really wonder IF they do any other work???

  15. Dirt Says:

    The Liberal media is down right negligent, their failure to report the damage a cap and trade carbon tax will do to our ecnomy is astounding. Jack’s carbon policy has the ability to drive our economy into the dirt and what is the media reporting? Anything they think will make Harper look bad. Does liberal media actually think if we lose the election they’ll wake up happy and less consumed with hatred towards Conservative Canadians?

  16. Jan Says:

    The media have done a very poor job of informing Canadians about Jack Layton, his political history and his driving interests and his policies.

    There are so many stories that have not been explored even though Toronto reporters are more than familiar with his antics. Jack Layton is exceptionally good at getting what he wants, often at great expense. He was always extremely focused on his own issues and demonstrated difficulty in seeing a broader perspective.

    One thing I’d like to know more about is Jack Layton’s outside business interests as discussed here:

    I’ve not been able to learn much about his company, his involvement and how it may or may not benefit from some of the green initiatives he is proposing.

  17. bocanut Says:

    Lenin-lite needs to be exposed for the puffed up egomaniac he is.

  18. Martin Says:

    I saw a portion of M Harkov’s post of journalist questions, on R. Barton’s clip on CBC. Of course the dramatic parts were not shown. A decent news organization faced with such an example of hypocrisy, would have combined Laytons quip from the english debate, with his rationalization of why his candidate was awol for the campaign. Especially the last comment from the reporter
    Instead we see Barton prattling away, adjusting her hair in the wind and telling us nothing. This from an organization that has dozens of employees and an unlimited budget to cover the campaign.

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