Macleans’ Coyne: “I will be voting Liberal on May 2”

There may be a lot of people surprised that Andrew Coyne is voting Liberal, but don’t count me in as one.

Anyone who has followed Coyne’s writings and CBC panel spots should have noticed him sliding into what Preston Manning termed “Ottawashed”. His snarkiness and arrogance stemming maybe from too many tete-a-tetes at cocktail parties with the Nation’s elites, comes through loud and clear.

A good example of Coyne’s snobbery is shown by the Ottawa Citizen’s Michael Taube who calls out Coyne for looking down his nose at Sun News and its viewers:

“Andrew Coyne, Maclean’s national editor, shifted the discussion from clothing to messaging. On April 22, he tweeted, “The thing about Sun TV: it’s not the far right, it’s the lower right. Not the hard right but the dumb right: less ideology than temperament.” In other words, Coyne was attempting to establish a difference between Canada’s intellectual right and, well, the Sun News right. That poisonous dart of a tweet floored many of this country’s right-leaning pundits, including myself.” (see here)

I’m not familiar if Coyne has ever publicly written about who he was supporting before and I have serious doubts whether any journalist doing so has not badly damaged their credentials, but I do know that as Conservatives, we should not be supporting Macleans magazine. (see here)


40 Responses to “Macleans’ Coyne: “I will be voting Liberal on May 2””

  1. Dirt Says:

    Like one needed another reason to drop their Macleans subscription, second I always thought he was a liberal down to his underpants.

  2. james Says:

    Based on rumors on the internets the nanos numbers tomorrow are going to show a national NDP lead close to a minority government kind of number. If it happens I want everyone and I mean everyone to stop listening to anything any of these MSM gas bags say.

    This tweet sums up all you need to know about how the MSM performed this election:

    RosieBarton – Some of these teens are asking better questions than me. #elxn41

    • wilson Says:

      I think I know the tweet you are talking about james,
      said Thursday daily something like CPC 34, LPC 17, NDP 39

      Remember, those numbers are based on 400 phone calls across the entire country.

  3. wilson Says:

    Coyne penned a piece around the time of the census debate saying Conservative’s are acting as the Stupid People’s Party.

    No surprise here he will vote for Iffy. Coyne has been driving the democracy hearse since PMSH was elected.

  4. OMMAG Says:

    I don’t know where you’ve been for the last ten years … but Wells has clearly stated that his political position is Liberal.

    He calls himself a Classical Liberal and spends the majority of his time lecturing Conservatives about their behaviour and attitudes.

    What surprises you?

    As for his stating his voting intentions … whay should he not? I repsect that he’s done so and feel that every media hack should have the guts to do it.

    As for McCleans ragazine ….. why would any Conservative ever support them? I think that anyone who has been paying attention at all is well aware of their position in the MSM heirarchy … they see their audience as being just like them and are incapable of understanding that this audience is shrinking ….. good by and good riddance to them.

  5. Cranky or Just a Crank Says:

    Coyne is simply a shameless self-promoter. I see this move as simply something to get his name out there and be noticed.

    He may not like the fact that the CPC has sold out some of its principles to stay in power, at least they had some principles to start with, retain some today and God willing will become reacquainted with them in their new majority government. But the Liberals really have had no principles in living memory and would do and say anything to get into and stay in power.

    I would have some respect for him if he jumped to the NDP or Greens who at least have some consistent and somewhat prinicpled approach and view of the world. Those principles and view are totally out to lunch, but at least they are consistent.

  6. Alex Says:

    Ha! Knew it all along. This man is not only backwards but irrelevant.

  7. Paul Says:

    Lost respect for him a long time ago. Just another MSM troll.

  8. nomdeblog Says:

    “A good example of Coyne’s snobbery is shown by the Ottawa Citizen’s Michael Taube who calls out Coyne for looking down his nose at Sun News and its viewers”

    We know we aren’t up to the standards yet at Sun News that Coyne is accustomed to, we can’t afford sleeves for example. But then again the Sun isn’t subsidized by $1.1 billion a year, if we had that, we’d have sleeves and then some.

    OK, that’s if for the tokenism of Coyne on the CBC. Now we want him replaced by Mark Steyn.


  9. dmorris Says:

    “The thing about CBC TV: it’s not the far left, it’s the lower left. Not the hard left but the dumb left: more ideology than temperament.”

    There, in the interests of accuracy I tweaked that just a bit.

    This is sort of like finding out that Don Cherry still cheers for the Bruins.

  10. Craig Smith Says:

    Well, Iggy will be getting at least two votes on election day – his mom and Coyne – beyond that I’m not certain.

  11. billg Says:

    Dont really care who he endorses…its not the point. Professional Journalists DO NOT endorse anyone or any party…it just should not be done. What happened to you Andrew?

    • OMMAG Says:

      Profesional journalist does not describe Coyne …. he is a opinion writer … and if his opinions are that of a liberal then being forthright about it is the proper thing to do.
      Confession of your sins is good for you Andrew..

    • MaryLS Says:

      “Professional Journalists DO NOT endorse anyone or any party” That’s an interesting comment. I initially thought it was o.k. — even though I disagree with Coyne’s logic. But with your comment I realize that someone like Chantal Hebert would not do something like this. The fact that Coyne does now seems like egotistical posturing — his long detailed explanation like people should hang on every word. There is a strain in journalism where some journalists put themselves up on a pedestal — seeing themselves as opinion makers — not by presenting facts, but by expressing their opinions. Columnists are paid for this, of course, but it does go rather far when opinions turn into party endorsements. I think his “holier than the Conservatives” posturing is superficial egotism.

  12. Bill Says:

    Glen McGregor, Wells, Milewsi, Wells, follow them on Twitter, I stopped as it iritated too much. Pompass ********. Ibbitson wrote an article in La Presse in French that said the PPG “Hated SH”. Actual word used was Deteste. Can possibly be unbiased if there is that much disdain for someone.

    • Jen Says:

      Bill, they will detest what is to come under the coalition which most of them(reporters) and their company with which they work for migh have to shut down because of higher taxes, GST and HST.

  13. j Says:

    I never knew why anyone considered this pompous ass to be a conservative. On the few times I’ve ever read him he’s always been even redder than many Liberals.

  14. Rick Says:

    But …. but … but… Andrew is the token conservative on the CBC.

    The CBC point at him to pretend to have balanced opinions, not that they care what you think.

  15. Ed Says:

    He’s always been a closet Liberal, in my view. His arrogance and “I’m smarter than you attitude,” is always evident in his scribblings.

  16. Ontario Girl Says:

    Guess Ignatieff’s “Rise up” turned him on. He didn’t like PM Harper lowering the GST to 5% either. He spends to much time with Mansbridge over there at the CBC. Wonder if he is one of the CBC guests that gets paid Taxpayers money of $1000 an appearance. Don’t bite the hand that feeds you Coyne. To hell with the country.

  17. fernstalbert Says:

    Of course Mr. Coyne is entitled to his opinion and can vote as he pleases – however any pretense that he has a Conservative position has been blownup. Hope McLeans likes the fallout – isn’t he the editor of that lefty rag? Cheers.

  18. Blame Crash Says:

    What!!! The CBCs “Made for TV” conservative has come prancing out of the closet as a liberal supporter!!??!!

    Well golly gee wiz! I never seen that one coming!! LOL !!

    The CBC is all about disinformation and trickery and it’s the dire straits that the Liberals find themselves in which has forced them to order all hands on deck and all able bodies to man the barricades for them. So it really isn’t surprising that he’s exposed himself now.

    But it is just another good reason to support the Conservatives.

  19. Rob C Says:

    LEAVE MR. COYNE ALONE!! So far (unless coalition Jack gets in) all Canadians have the absolute right to demonstrate arrogant hypocrisy and make a fool of him/herself . Why should this jackass be any different.

  20. Blame Crash Says:

    And then there are the three or four big mouthed sniveling pretentious pretenders here on Blogging Tories who are just like him.

  21. dddddtotheradio Says:

    Coyne’s democracy argument is a red herring.
    Reading his overwrought justification for voting for an amateur dissembler was like dragging my eyes across sandpaper.
    Drawing a line in the sand now, when we stand on the brink of a potential constitutional crisis after this election, is a convenient way for him to finally come out politically.
    And also utterly irrelevant.

    It’s like when Neil Tennant of the Pet Shop Boys came out some years ago, noone was really surprised, and nobody gave a damn.

    My favourite Pet Shop Boys song is Rent.
    The chorus is: I love you. You’re paying my rent.

    Paraphrase: I love you Michael, keep paying my rent.

  22. Sean M Says:

    Coyne’s predictable assertion that he is a Liberal, and therefore will vote Liberal, I’m sure doesn’t surprise anyone. Let’s hope now that Coyne has come out of the closet for good, and ended the pretense that he is a “journalist” he will now stop the charade that he is also a Libertarian. Of course taxpayer subsidized Liberal media scribblers like Coyne are torch carrying Liberals, Coyne loves that free money, what would Coyne do without it? Get a real job? LOL… What a fraud, typical Liberal.

  23. Ed the Hun Says:

    Nothing has changed this election EXCEPT the key players. In past elections, the ‘Harper Cons’ were within striking distance of their ‘coveted’ majority (as if the other parties (a.k.a. Libs) didn’t covet theirs also) UNTIL the last week/home stretch. The only difference here is that the recovery is by Layton’s NDP and not the Martin/Dion/Ignatieff’s Libs.

    Same show, different channel.

    Come Monday. Harper has a small majority…the remaining Libs will be scrambling for any life-raft (NDP or Conservative).

    The new Canadian-order will be in place and we will have true choices between the ‘right’ and ‘left’ and may the best person win.

    Ed the Hun

  24. Relayer Says:

    Coyne now joins my “Do Not Read” list, along with Mallick, Siddiqui, Simpson, Taber, Martin…
    The media in this country is a disgrace.

  25. Hoarfrost Says:

    If you do not like Macleans then you should not only cancel Macleans you should also cancel your subscription to other Rogers services such as cell and cable.

    • Luke Says:

      Isn’t that going a little too far? What does a Rogers cell, internet, or cable plan have to do with Andrew Coyne or his politics? I think refusing to buy MacLean’s magazine, as well as watching the “At Issue” Panel is probably going far enough.

  26. MariaS Says:

    I am not surprised either.
    It is one thing to be mad at times at the mis-steps of the Conservative govt. but at the end of the day if we are true Conservatives, we know who should get our vote.
    His muddled thinking and arrogance, constantly and blatantly displayed on CBC and his writings, are clear indicators of where his heart resides… firmly in la la land.

    • BC Blue Says:

      Yes, Coyne would never bite the hand that feeds him nowadays. Think about the extra revenue generated from his permanent spot on The National.

      • Luke Says:

        I’m surprised you didn’t link to the tirade he launched against you over the magazine subsidy, and his employment with MacLeans, which receives said subsidy.

        That was a fun read!!

        • BC Blue Says:

          lol I didn’t feel that it was pertain to this and didn’t want it to look like I was piling on Coyne just because of his reaction to me calling him out for that. BTW, you should have seen the little Twitter battle last week he and I had…

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