Video: Laureen Harper is one classy lady

You just have to love Laureen Harper. Who else would think to include the campaign tour bus driver’s birthday in with her husband’s celebration?


Layton massage parlour story and the media’s coverage

We should count ourselves very fortunate that we have Sun News now competing against the very comfortable media establishment here in Canada.

Sun News broke the story about Jack Layton’s massage parlour visit yesterday (see here) and the first reaction from the established comfy media was to attack Sun News and tone down the story.

The CBC, Globe and Mail, CTV,  Star, Canadian Press, Post Media couldn’t ignore the story but all ran a sanitized version with Layton claiming this to be a “smear” against him.

The individual journalists thought that the Sun running the story was beneath contempt:

Macleans’ Andrew Coyne“I guess all I can say is I’d rather be caught naked in a massage parlour than fully clothed working for SunNews”

And this morning we get the obfuscation angle so they can pretend to not report on it for ethical journalistic reasons:

CBC’s Kady O’Malley“This is not an official police report but a contemporaneous account by the source”

The problem for them is that no one believes for a second that if it had been Stephen Harper caught in the same situation, all these holier-than-thou reporters wouldn’t be jumping all over it in a heartbeat.

Also: See Blazing Cat Fur here on Andrew Coyne admitting to knowing about this story months ago and Small Dead Animals showcasing that the MSM no longer have total control on what is news here

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