Layton massage parlour story and the media’s coverage

We should count ourselves very fortunate that we have Sun News now competing against the very comfortable media establishment here in Canada.

Sun News broke the story about Jack Layton’s massage parlour visit yesterday (see here) and the first reaction from the established comfy media was to attack Sun News and tone down the story.

The CBC, Globe and Mail, CTV,  Star, Canadian Press, Post Media couldn’t ignore the story but all ran a sanitized version with Layton claiming this to be a “smear” against him.

The individual journalists thought that the Sun running the story was beneath contempt:

Macleans’ Andrew Coyne“I guess all I can say is I’d rather be caught naked in a massage parlour than fully clothed working for SunNews”

And this morning we get the obfuscation angle so they can pretend to not report on it for ethical journalistic reasons:

CBC’s Kady O’Malley“This is not an official police report but a contemporaneous account by the source”

The problem for them is that no one believes for a second that if it had been Stephen Harper caught in the same situation, all these holier-than-thou reporters wouldn’t be jumping all over it in a heartbeat.

Also: See Blazing Cat Fur here on Andrew Coyne admitting to knowing about this story months ago and Small Dead Animals showcasing that the MSM no longer have total control on what is news here


42 Responses to “Layton massage parlour story and the media’s coverage”

  1. mahmood Says:

    I’d rather Coyne be naked(ewwww)working in a Layton therapeutic massage parlour than working at SunNews.

  2. fernstalbert Says:

    So when does Jack invoke patient – masseuse privilege? This may need a ruling from the Speaker of the House!!! lol

  3. ferrethouse Says:

    We should count ourselves lucky that we have you.

  4. Erwin Says:

    Yeah, that looks like a real reputable massage parlour. “I didn’t know” my ass!

  5. robins111 Says:

    The jokes about Jack and the Rub and Tug just write themselves.

  6. Mary T Says:

    This story will continue to dog layton forever, as he tries to form a coalition with libs. Will iggy (if he survives) really want to join up with someone who possibly has ties to the Chinese gangs.
    What did CSIS say about chinese officials have ties to cdn politicians, and with layton’s wife now admitting he visited this place and she knew about this appointment as she knew about all of them. So, when else did he visit.

  7. Mary T Says:

    “I knew about this appointment, as I always do.” said Olivia

  8. dmorris Says:

    There’s no mention of the TIME of the incident in any of the MSM stories. One blogger says it happened at 1:30 AM. If this is true,there is NO WAY IN HELL Layton can make any claims to his being there for a legitimate massage.

    Legit RMT’s have certificates,two years of training at a technical institute,and regular office hours. Jack was found at a whorehouse, where he wanted to get laid.

    He can spin the story all he wants but people are no longer that naive,especially since the famous ,”I did not have sex with that woman” lie told by a former POTUS.

    From now on,everyone should refer to Layton as “Whorehouse Jack” instead of “Taliban Jack”.

  9. James Says:

    What a bunch of complete ****** bags these jounos are. Boycott their articles and stories especially the online ones since they get click through evaluations etc. Seriously stop reading what Coyne writes he’s clearly a complete pompous jerk.

  10. Ontario girl Says:

    Canadians should hold Jack-off in contempt.

    He was just on CPAC with a huge crowd of kids at a ralley.Full of vim and vigor spealing his Harper bashing BS
    Yesterday in Edmonton he went out the side door. He took no questions from the media.
    This morning he read Olivia’s statement and said it was a smear campaign but wouldn’t take any questions.
    Still waiting for his question section on CPAC…..waiting, waiting, waiting……..

  11. Alain Says:

    That our great MSM claim that Sun News reporting the facts is beneath contempt is a hoot. No one could possibly stoop lower than our MSM.

    What I find more disturbing is that it took this for Layton’s popularity to suffer, according to the polls at least. If this is so, we have a lot of brain dead people, since Layton’s socialism should be freaking people out a lot more than any scandal.

  12. Winnie Says:

    Shopped by the Liberals

  13. Liz J Says:

    Time is key here, even 9:30 PM would be considered off hours for legitimate massage therapy businesses. Unless your in Vegas!

    I’ve never heard of any legitimate massage therapy businesses using beds and total nudity unless it’s a different kind of therapy that doesn’t require a hole for your head. Jack must think we all have holes in our heads to believe his innocence.

  14. dmorris Says:

    Okay,9:30 PM., well past office hours.

    I’ve never heard of a health care professional,which RMT’s are, being open at 9:30 PM.

    This was NO therapeutic massage,Jack was in an establishment known to police as a place where illicit sex was carried on. That’s why they raided the place.

    The cops don’t raid legitimate massage therapists any more than they raid dentists or doctors or chiropractors. Jack was in a whorehouse, impure and simple.

    I’d like to know who recommended no charges be brought.

  15. Ontario girl Says:

    He took media question just now on CPAC…he kept saying when “WE” went for a massage…pretending it was him and Olivia?…Then he said it was after a workout..”I don’t know what time…around 9″ Then he said it was a fairly new establishment in “OUR” neighborhood. He wasn’t going to take legal action until MAYBE after the election. He looked like a guilty skunk. No one from the media asked him why he was naked and in a bed or about the issue of the kleenex or about the 5’10” asian women he was with. All poppycock out of his mouth and cut the news scrum off and took off like a slithering snake.

  16. Liz J Says:

    Would Jumpin’ Jack like us to believe he was just the piano player in the whorehouse?

  17. Liz J Says:

    You have a good point dmorris, if there’s an investigation of the “leak” maybe they can find out why no charges were laid against someone found in a bawdy house. This whole thing stinks really badly and it has legs.

  18. James Says:

    So a liberal fixer eh? I suspect Mr Beer and Popcorn was involved in all this.

  19. beacher1 Says:

    Waiting for Pat Martin with his clever wit on this story. Or Paul Dewar with his outrage or little Libby Davies with her outrage with regards of equal rights for women…question..What is up with a socalist getting message in the first place..

  20. Fay Says:

    Where is Pat Martin to lecture us about scumbags like Mr. Carson and Mr. Layton.

  21. James Says:

    Remember the cpc candidate who declared bankruptcy or owed back taxes or some other such thing at the begining of the campaign. It was a huge story of course. Now Jack rub and tug Layton well that’s just no big deal.

  22. jt Says:

    Heh! I’m taking the view that Sun News is sticking it to the MSM with this story. One they scooped, while known MSM types “banked” the info; two the MSM are now covering Jack’s a**, as their Numbah Won choice has tanked.

    Sun shines the light on the MSM. GOSUN!

  23. Norman Says:

    I am waiting for a rant and condemnation from Pat Martin. Layton is compromised and damaged goods. Any party that forms a coalition with him tars itself with the same brush. Will the Liberals stoop so low as to jump in the same political bed as Layton? The left wing media have already done that by their complicit silence.

  24. Layton massage “bust” was commonly known within media « BC Blue: One BC Conservative's view on it all… Says:

    […] from other media organizations aimed at Sun News for running the Jack Layton massage parlour story (see here) a very interesting detail has emerged about how well-known this incident already was in […]

  25. Stan Says:

    Ahh come on guys!
    Jack didn’t know it was one of ‘those’ kinds of massage parlors.

    Here’s an easy test, though it may be somewhat dangerous:
    Tell your wife or girlfriend you are going for a massage at the Velvet Touch massage parlor.
    Then duck.

  26. rs Says:

    Can you just imagine Jack and Olivia being so comfortable that this thing would remain covered up and they’d be living in Stornoway soon? They should have realized the truth does indeed come out….eventually.

  27. Warren W Evans Says:

    Tsk, tsk … so he had all his clothes off! We males can often be such disgusting animals when it comes to sexual gratification. This is not ground-breaking 21st news! If horny old Jack paid the Chinese lass for her service, then who should give a damn? No harm done. As it did with Bill Clinton, Jack’s insignificant, self-indulgent encounter – nude or fully clothed – back in 1996 will likely increase not only his hero status, but also his votes at the polling stations. WWE

  28. Alec Says:

    Jack was just a city counsellor for God’s sake. How could he possibly know about bowdy houses in TO? In Chinatown? Never, never!! Proof? Olivia did not know too, you see. Seriousely, is this couple for real? Or they believe that Canadians are stupid?

  29. Skynyard Says:

    “I won’t stop until the job is done!” – Jack Layton

    I now understand what that job is refering to on his campaign ad. He never specifies but now I know.

  30. G. J. Says:

    Whether or not Jack Layton did or did not receive the full treatment including a happy ending doesn’t matter a damn in the grand scheme of politics or life. In any case it’s high time that such practices were legitimized and we stopped the hypocrisy. If Jack is guilty of any indiscretion, his only accountability should be to his wife. I’m not an NDPer but I admire Mr Layton for his public contributions not his private life.

  31. Truth Seeker Says:

    I dunno … seems a bit weird for a guy to bicycle to a massage parlour for sexual services. You would think he would get a taxi not bike it. And after dark at that. Doesn’t really make sense, a guy biking in a supposely seedy part of town in the dark to get a massage complete with sexual services. It does sound more like a massage following a workout after biking to the appointment – or at least it appears that was what he thought it was. The bike just doesn’t fit any other scenario.

    • Skynyard Says:

      Or he could done a work out and go for a rub and tug(sexual service)? That scenario also makes sense and agree with your line of thinking. There’s no mistaking that he knows what that sort of place is if there’s any doubt. Every adult knows what goes down in those Asian seedy massage parlour. Please don’t be naive. It’s not a licensed register massage therapy clinic, which closes at night.

    • Skynyard Says:

      And I just remember now, Jack Layton bikes wherever he goes. And he uses solar energy panel on his roof for electricity for his home. It’s all part of his energy saving lifestyle.

  32. Hoodster Says:

    Was there any Viagra involved? I’m sure Jack could get a pretty good endorsement deal out of this. So this is why he’s always smiling……

  33. Ty Snaden Says:

    Sun TV is not news, can not be considered as news and has absolutely no journalistic integrity. There is already a strong supply of “legitimate” media with a right wing rhetoric. almost every mainstream daily in Canada is owned by a right-wing corporation. Sun TV is pure tabloid and sensationalism, one “ex-cop” is not a legitimate source, and everyone needs to understand this. These is not ‘breaking news’ stories, they are unsubstantiated rumours.

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  35. Ford caught driving and reading, Star/CBC big story. Layton caught in whorehouse, not so much « BC Blue: One BC Conservative's view on it all… Says:

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