Liberal leader Rae caught leaking caucus secrets to US Embassy

The Liberals now have themselves a leader who has blabbed confidential Liberal Party information to foreign government officials.

From Wikileaks:

One June 16, 2009 cable – titled “Liberals begin to blink?” – describes a conversation that day between a counsellor at the embassy and Mr. Rae, then the party’s foreign affairs critic. According to the note, Mr. Rae was indicating Liberal MPs were not behind then-leader Michael Ignatieff’s recent election sabre-rattling.

Mr. Rae “admitted that, behind closed doors, the caucus had considerable reluctance to face the voters over the summer, but had been disinclined to try to overrule the relatively new leader,” the cable reads. “He claimed that Ignatieff had ‘made up his own mind’ on this brinkmanship approach without much, or perhaps any, internal consultations.”

Does anyone think Bob Rae would have been “elected” interim Liberal leader if this story had come out prior? And, if there was any doubt about the knives being out for Rae before, he had better be watching his back for sure now. (see here)

Christy Clark lied about BC Rail involvement and both CTV and Globe covered it up


Blogger Alex Tsakumis has uncovered that CTV’s Jim Beatty and the Globe and Mail’s Mark Hume’s declarations that Liberal premier Christy Clark was “exonerated” by the RCMP in her involvement with the BC Rail scandal was not only false but intentionally misleading:

“They (CTV) knew exactly what they were looking for and weren’t prepared to look at anything else. Same with the Globe. When it was pointed out to Beatty that he may want to take a second look at the information and that his story would be slanted if he didn’t, he smirked and just walked away. I’ve never seen a reporter more smug. I couldn’t believe all they were going to go on was untested evidentiary materials. Would he do that in a murder case? This was no different, in law, three men had their lives on the line. The defence materials remain untouched to this day. No one has asked for them and the Special Prosecutor and Madam Justice Mackenzie have made it increasingly impossible to acquire them.”

This is a serious allegation that if true, would question CTV’s and The Globe’s integrity and journalistic practices. I would hope that both these organizations would fully investigate to help ensure the public that their staff are not blatantly misleading their viewers and readers. (see here)

Quebec MLA calls royal couple “parasites”


I’m not exactly a big Royal family supporter especially when I look past the Queen in the lineage but for a Canadian politician to call any of them “parasites” like Quebec MLA Amir Khadir did, is beyond defensible and poor taste.

This from Khadir on the upcoming visit to Canada by William and Kate:

“What a waste of money! All that to receive these parasites that!”

If Khadir wants to start cutting waste and parasites from the public purse, maybe he should start within his own province first as there are many here in Canada tired of paying for his perks.

Also: For a run-down on Khadir’s anti-Isreali protests, Truther beliefs, and links to his extremist past, check out this great blog from No Dogs or Anglophones

Liberal Christy Clark shows how clueless she is on Senate


When a politician has only a basic understanding of how the Canadian Constitution works and is only yipping half-baked/asinine thoughts, it would be best for them to be told by their handlers to keep their big mouths shut. Posing for media photo ops is more of their style and they should leave the real issues to those who actually have some knowledge on the subject.

Case in point today is Liberal premier Christy Clark musing about how it would be best to get rid of the Senate except for the darn Constitution thingy:

“It’s not the best of all the options. The best of the options is to abolish the senate, but it’s not a real option for this country because of the way constitutional reform works.”

This is pandering at its finest from a vapid provincial leader whose intellect on serious matters like Senate reform is about a 1/4″ deep. (see here)


Scott Reid: Do as I say now, not what I did then


Paul Martin’s former communications director and one of the key people involved in the Chretien/Martin internal Liberal power struggle, Scott Reid, has the audacity to write a piece advising others not to settle old scores.

“Rear view recriminations will do exactly nothing to help renew and revitalize the party” (see here)

This is coming from the same guy who along with Martin’s other “Board” members David Herle, Tim Murphy, Terrie O’Leary and Michele Cadario did everything they could to reduce Chretien and his cronies’ influence after wrestling the control of the Liberal Party away from them (see here).


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